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Anyone have a Cat with Feline Hyperestesia Syndrome?

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My cat has been acting funny for a couple of months. She has be twitching her back and licking it and then running around like crazy and eating things on the floor that are not there -( she thinks shes eating something, but nothing is really there)

The vet said that this could be feline hyperestesia syndrome. however other thing need to be ruled out first.

I have read everything there is to know about this syndrome, but have yet to find any information as to can these cats live a normal life with this syndrome. Meaning can they medicate them to stop the behavior or will this be life long.

It breaks my heart to see my cat like this - if anyone can share some experiences with me about this rare syndrome it would be very much appreciated.
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I wrote earlier today about my cat. They think she has something called Feline Hyperestesia Syndrome. It is when the twitch their back and race around and lick themselves....sometimes having seizures.

I am taking her back to the vet tomorrow for blood work. I am very concerned and I don't know if I am overreacting or what? My husband says she is fine.
She is still playing,eating, coming up for rubs, going to the bathroom normally ( as far as I can tell)

They say this FHS may be a neurological problem in cats but they are not sure.

Does anyone have a cat that does similar stuff like this? Or has anyone heard of this and can give me some reassurance.

Any information would be appreciated.
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One of our cats has an occasional seizure, she is fine in between, they couldn't find a cause for it, and the siezures don't really hurt her except she gets a little disoriented, but is soon fine, so they said we don't have to do anything about it. Other than that she is a darling little bundle of energy, and seems fine. But she has the kind where she lays down and twitches.
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gingiva, I think Carrie is talking about Feline Hyperesthesia.

I have never had a cat with it but do know a little about it. There is an excellent article here: http://www.thecatsite.com/Health/86/...resthesia.html . Something else is to type Feline Hyperesthesia into the search bar to see other member's experiences of FH.
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my cat is not as bad as this. She can sleep peacefully. It seems like when she plays this starts up.

I could not sleep last night so I went into the spare bedroom and she crawled in with me and sleep peacefully. Until I moved and then she got up on my chest and put one paw up on my face...she is sooo cute.

Anyways I taking her in for blood work today so hopefully they will find something that is causing this. I read that it could be caused by a lot of things such as Diebetes, Liver Problems, Hyperthyrodism etc.... I'm not hoping it is one of those ...but at least those are treatable. With FHS they really don't know what works.

I also typed in FHS on this site and did not get anything back. I guess not a lot of people have seen this.
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Here's what came up when I typed in Feline Hyperesthesia (no Syndrome) There are several pages:

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when i hit that link it tells me there are no pages on this subjet.
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that my cat is still interested in playing and still eats etc.... She also is still coming up to get rubs etc.
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Sorry about the link, search links must expire. Just type Hyperesthesia in the search box and the results will come up.

It's a great sign that she is still being affectionate with you.
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Hi Carrie,

My cat had an initial diagnosis of FHS. I'm sending you a Private Message (PM) that will go into more detail regarding my experience.
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I've also sent you PMs. This condition can definitely be coped with.
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Please say a little prayer for my Boo. Her blood tests are coming back today. They think she has Feline Hyperestasia Syndrome but want to make sure the blood work is okay. From my understanding this could be many things which they have to rule out before diagonosing with Feline Hyperestasia syndrome.

Boo is 15 months old and is the best cat ever. But recently she has started twitching her back and trying to eat things of the floor that are not there. The doctor says these are mild seizures. She has then all day long with the exception when she is sleeping. The vet said we can put her on medication for this, my fear is will she be the same cat?
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I'm very sorry to hear about Boo. I pray that the vet is able to help her..at her young age she should be able to adjust quite well to the meds.
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Prayers and {{{{{Healthy Vibes}}}}}to Boo!
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Good vibes coming for you and Boo
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I am so glad that you are a member of TCS.
The emotional support that you receive here, will make a huge difference, as you and sweet Boo go through this health challenge.
Boo is in my prayers.
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I hope that everything turns out for the best - Boo is in my prayers! Sending healthy vibes your way!
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Myself, Sleeves and Nismo are thinking of you Boo
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I still have not heard the results of the blood tests - I'm going to be sick.
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Hang in there. If it is hyperesthesia, it can be dealt with. You may not get an answer yet, too, but it's good to have other health problems ruled out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Boo.
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Sending prayers for you and Boo and . Hopefully a diagnosis will come soon along with an effective treatment plan.
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Blood work came back normal and the vet is going to call me tomorrow with a treatment plan.

Wish I could say I felt better, however I don't. I wish this was something that would go away or could be treated and cured.
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I feel for you but for Boo's sake, try to remain positive and calm.

Tomorrow, please update with Boo's treatment plan.
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I am trying to stay positive! I feel very lucky that her blood tests came out clean and that she does not have something more serious. However, I just don't want to have anything other then a perfect life, without any health problems.

Maybe the medication will solve this, or at least stop her twitching and eating imaginary things off the floor. She seems happy, wants to play etc.... She eat and drinks normally. I guess I just don't want her to suffer at all. It is hard for me to see her go through this.

Nobody seems to be able to tell me if she can live a normal or some what normal life.

ANyways I will wait and see what medication they can put her on.
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I did not know what Feline Hyperestasia Syndrome was so I researched it.

I can see that this will be a challenge but you both can learn to live with it and enjoy your life together.
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I'm sorry not to have answers for you, but you and your sweet Boo will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Carrie, I am so sorry that you and Boo are having to go through this I am sending you calming vibes and Boo healing vibes
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My vet called today and asked me about Boo. Because Boo's frequency of these episodes is increasing she is going to consult with a feline neurologist (sp?) and find out what the best treatment options are.

She said that if this progressing into full seizures we may have to put the cat down. However she did say it may not progress.

There is so little known about Feline Hyperesthsia syndrome. It seems to get worse when Boo is active - playing and running around. When she is sitting quietly she is not affected by it.
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for you and Boo
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I believe your vet is talking too soon about putting Boo down, and will change her mind when she talks to a neurologist about prescribing anti-convulsants. If she doesn't, get another vet's opinion. Is there a university veterinary clinic in your area?
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