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I was afraid of the dark, I think I had a nightlight till I was like 13 or something. I was also afraid of the basement-it wasn't old and dank or anything like that, it just scared me. If i had to go down to get something off the shelves I RAN!!!!!
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Earthworms!! And I still can't bring myself to touch one! I can't even go fishing unless there's someone to put the worm on the hook!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Don't laugh at me when I tell you this!
I was afraid of TOILETS!! I always thought that something was going to come out of it when I flushed it!! I would flush an run!!
I was afraid of toilets too! Especially the ones that flushed really loud. I was afraid the toilet was going to break loose from the wall and chase me.
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Oh - I was also afraid to sit in the front seat of a black car. Ever since I was about 4 I have had re-occuring nightmares that I will die in a car accident when I am the front seat passenger of a black car. I have had that exact same nightmare thousands of times in the last 30 years.
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~The monsters under the bed
~my stuffed koala bear (he was cute during the day, but at night his little beady eyes scared me, so he had to face the wall when I went to bed)

All my stuffed cats and my real Timmycat would sleep with me and protect me though.
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the dark, those claws on old bathtubs - I was scared that they would run after me. Also was afraid of mirrors - I used to think that they were portals to another world and that people would be able to come through and hurt me at night time. I dont know where I got that idea, a movie maybe.
the broomstick scene in fantasia scared the heck out of me, when I saw it at the movies, I was crying hysterically because I was so scared.
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do you know what else im scared?

Public toilets, im scared there is some sort of camera or there is someone watching me from the bottom or top of the cublicles
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Actually, as a tomboy, I was afraid of nothing. Now, looking back, I can't believe some of the things I did and wasn't afraid. I'm more afraid now than I was then! Ignorance is bliss!
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I was scared of anything and everything!!!!!!!!!!
The devil and being possesed
Demon children( Pet cemetary)
The dark
I thought something would grab my feet if I put them down by the bed in the middle of the night.
Lakes because of those big stergons.
Orange Cats. (Dad had a mean one)
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I was convinced the neighbour was a vampire. I remember my first nightmare was about him
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
I was always scared that there was something under my bed. Always!!! I envisioned a octopus monster with all these legs reaching up from under my bed. I would even run and jump into the middle of the bed and sleep in the middle of the bed. I would convince myself that if I laid exactly in the middle the arms couldn't reach me!
I totally forgot about that one!!! Me and my brother were scared of that! I would have to get up to go to the bathroom and it would scare me to death to get back in my bed. I would do sort of a running jump thing and fly onto my bed. I also kept my door part way open and always thought I saw a shadow walk past it. My grandma really scared me once when she walked in my room to check on me and I wasn't asleep! I screamed!

I was also scared of our basement. Me and my brother always thought something was going to grab our feet on our way up.

ET huh? Was it his feet? They were creepy looking....
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Plants.....still don't like em! I've named one plant at work in particualr 'Plantzilla.'
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Originally Posted by fwan
do you know what else im scared?

Public toilets, im scared there is some sort of camera or there is someone watching me from the bottom or top of the cublicles
I always look before using them! When I was in Elementary School the boys and girls bathrooms were back to back for the 4th - 6th graders. The girls vents were in the ceiling, they boys were on the wall....sooooo the boys would stand on the toilets, remove the grate, and climb in to peep on the girls. There were 2 stalls were they could not see. I always used one of those!
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My Grandma had Disney albums. Anyone remember those? She played Peter and the Wolf for us and every time I stayed at her house after that, I was stalked by wolves. In my mind anyway.
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OMG, I was such a wimp when I was little!! Still am
I was afraid of.......

-the dark. When my bed was all ready, I ran to flick off the switch at the other side of the room and dashed back asap. I got under the covers and for some reason, was always afraid to sleep without my head under the covers. When the lights went out, everything came to life. The sillouette of the trees in the night.. that stuffed panda bear that used to look so innocent in the light- it's eyes glowed. And when I was really really little, I couldn't sleep till mom sprayed 'monster spray' (air freshener ) to get rid of the monsters.

-I have NO idea why, but I couldn't let the toilet finish flushing while I was still in the bathroom.

-I guess this is normal, but nightmares really freaked me out - bigtime. After waking up from one I'd go running, crying, to parents' bedroom and they'd hug me and talk to me and say everything would be alright, it was only a dream.....

-that big hairy monster under my bed

-normal halloween decorations scared me to death lol even that cardboard cutout of a witch

-heights! Still freaks me out!! I REFUSE to go on a ferris wheel unless it's fairly small.....even though I go on the 207-ft-high roller coaster, go figure


.....That's all I can really think of at the moment but I'll probably be back here when I think of more!
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For me it was and still is the dark.

I have to have night lights all over the house. Thanks to my brother and sister for locking me in the basement and turning the lights off (when I was a kid) and screaming out that there is a ghost down there and it's going to get you. I would end up so traumatized that I would curl up in the fetal position with me eyes closed and not move until my mom or dad came down to get me.

Or when I was a kid my sister would crawl in my room very quietly just after going to bed and she would grab my leg and jump up, that would scare the poop out of me.
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I was afraid of many things.
Losing my parents (they both smoked and when the anti-smoking commericals began I was terrifed)
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Pepper or anything spicy.......long story.
I love all of it now though.
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I had a few fears, some I have seen on here.

Losing my parents was a big one, as I'm an only child.

Dying, "cos who will ride my roller skates if I die, Mummy"

I watched way to much Unsolved Mystery's and the like. I have been facinated by true crime, but it scared the hell out of me and I always imagined the bad guy's I'd just seen hiding under my bed or in the toilet, you get the idea.

Bee's (I'm highly allergic)
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