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Today I remember...

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.... 11th March 2005, the day one year ago when we lost you.

I remember the pain of that day and how I cried like a baby when I knew it would be your last day with us.

I remember how I comforted my brave father who was there with you in your last moments and who was so upset to lose you too.

But I also remember what a wonderful cat you were

I remember how we grew up together and the secrets we shared.

I remember how lucky we were to have you in our lives for so long - nearly 19 years.

I love you wee puss and I miss you terribly.

Be a good girl until we meet again.

July 1986 - 11th March 2005

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Alex...your tribute to Charley touched me deeply.
You have been blessed to know such pure sweet love.

"Be a good girl until we meet again."
I pray that one day we will all be reunited with our sweet babies.


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Your tribute to Charley brought tears to my eyes. I know how you feel and what you are going through on this day. May your wonderful memories bring a little cheer your way. Sometimes those memories are so very bitter sweet. Charley was beautiful.
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That was a beautiful tribute My thoughts are with you on this difficult day
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That was beautiful. Sounds like Charley lived a wonderful and long life.
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What a lovely tribute. Am sure she is looking down on you today.
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A loving tribute, Alex.
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Oh Charley what a gorgeous girl you are as well sweetie Your certainly going to break some hearts with the boy kitties over at Rainbow Bridge

Have fun sweetie until you see everyone again
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What a cute kitty. I know you and your dad miss her very much after having her in your lives so long.

Rest in peace, sweet Charley, as you watch over your people from the Rainbow Bridge.
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What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Charley. She was a gorgeous girl!
Thinking of both of you.
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that brought tears to my eyes its so hard when you lose a pet does it ever stop hurting ? that was a lovley tribute
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