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Strangest thing your cat has done

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When my husband and I first got together he had a cat named, oh goodness I forget. My hubby is asleep when I can I'll ask him or if it comes to me I'll throw it in.
Anyway this cat was nuts. When he wanted in the house,(we lived in a small town it was safer) he would throw himself at the door. We had a dent in the door from him hitting it. It would scare the crap out of me to hear this bang on the screen door.
Then my son in grade 7 found a cat in a tree on his way back to school after lunch. He and his friend wouldn't go back to school until they had this cat down from the tree. He finally flagged down a neighbour who painted houses and this wonderful man pulled out his ladder and climbed to the top of that tree to free that cat. My son wouldn't let us take him to one of our 3 great cat shelters. He stayed for awhile and was really weird. He would sleep upside down on his back in the strangest positions. Finally we convinced our son that we had enough cats and the other boy took him.
We're a family of strays.
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our cat likes to hang in our wardrobe..she will pull open one of the drawers, and then climb in and sit in one drawer for a while. Then she will go in behind the drawers and push out all the other drawers.

When I come home from work and go into my bedroom, every drawer (6) is pushed all the way out..and she be all curled up sleeping in the underwear drawer of all places.
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Well, this isn't exactly completely unheard of, but Zakk had this thing awhile ago about licking the shades. It was so LOUD! We didn't mind but you couldn't sleep when he was doing it.
We sometimes use those tear off lint rolls to get cat hair off the couch. Rocky will come up and meow pitifully until you do it to him, then he will purr and roll around,and be in kitty heaven.
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Princess has this need to walk on the plastic hangers in closets. She's never actuallly done this, but she makes the attempt every night at 2 am. She jumps onto a closet shelf just to the side and above the hangers, and then she tries to step onto them. Of course, she falls thorugh and crashes onto the shelf below. Somtimes she bounces of this shelf and falls all the way to the floor. But she continues to try...
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Sam likes to sit on the window sill behind the TV stand.
Every now and then he will see something that gets him excited, and then he turns around a little too quickly and falls down into the space between the TV stand and the wall. My boyfriend saw him do it the other day and asked me if he was a "special" kitty.
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Scarlett is very vocal and clearly understands English. My friends were visiting us from out of state and they always wanted to adopt Scarlett from us. We have a running joke about checking their luggage on the way out each time they come to visit us.

Last time they were here (over Christmas), Nancy picked up Scarlett to say goodbye to her. She turned to her husband and said "let's put her in the bag now". Scarlett litterally let out a scream in protest and jumped out of her arms - a very loud sound that we have never heard out of her in 4 years - this from a very vocal cat. It startled us so bad that we ran after her to see if she was OK.

Don't know if it is a weird behavior to be so bonded to us, but any threat of taking her 2 favorite people away from her makes her panic.
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Zissou ate a contact lens once.
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Mr. Underfoot used to try to stop me from taking a shower. He'd see me start the water running, then when I tried to get into the shower he'd meow loudly and grab at my hand with his paws (and sometimes gently with his mouth), like he was trying to tell me:

"What on Earth are you doing? Don't you know there's WATER in there?"

After several years, he finally decided that I'm just a silly human and he can't stop me - now he just sits there and watches me shower with a puzzled look on his face.
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By far the GOOFEST cat we owned (which was 1/2 devon rex) would hang on the railings in our house and slide down a few steps. He also would jump up to the light switch in one corner and turn off the light. Never did it to any other switch.

I also got him to learn to lay down (like a dog) and stay and wait till I threw the ball of paper then releae him to go get it and bring it back.

My cornish rex were nutty but nothing compared to this devon
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My babies sit in front of the refrigerator and say HAM!!
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Remy my 9 month old stalks his sleeping mom and sits on her head. It is the weirdest thing. She growls at him and leaves her nice warm sleeping spot in disgust but it seems to be a ritual with them.
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Mr Underfoot must be related to my pookie monkey. He stands ad watches me shower too. He got in once and forgot to get out before the water started. He flew out then.
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It's strange the way they sleep on each other. My girls are sisters but by a different batch so behr is Maggie's big sister. However Maggie is the only one Behr won't let sleep with her. Every kitten that has come into the house has thought Behr was their mother. Even Maggie used to suck on Behr. Behr has never had kittens but she sure has a mothers instint.
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Our cat likes to hide behind corners in the house, and when we walk by, she'll jump out at us, stand on her hind legs, and wave her front paws at us in a "threatening manner" , and then take off running in the opposite direction!

Very funny little animal!
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