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She thinks she's a horse

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Mia is 2 years old and I found her outside back in june and about a day after that we took her to the vet to have her check up and shots. This is the first time I've had a cat, I've always had dogs because my dad isn't a cat person. Some of her behavior is kinda puzzling to me though. Mia is very talkitive that's where she got the name, because her meows sound like Mia. When I get home from work which is usualy about 2 or 3 in the morning, she goes nuts. I'm trying to get into bed and she wants to run around the room, but during the day all she does is sleep. She will let out a yowl that sound slike "Oooohhh!" and then run across the room and she sound slike a horse galloping. What is that about? She runs from one end of the room to the other a couple of times stopping to jump on chairs and tables. Does she need a playmate or something?

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She's just burning off some energy! Mia sleeps all day and then has about an hour or so of "awake time" to get her body moving. Plus, cat's are nocturnal!

I found that my cat won't keep me up all night if I play with her a bit before I go to sleep.

Congrats on your first cat! I'm sure she will be one of many.
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She just wants to spend time with you!!!

This behaviour is shown by most kitties.

Although I'm sure Mia would love a friend!!!
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That sounds like a good idea, I'll probably give her a good 10 mins of string time when I get home. I can't wwait till we move to our new apartment so we'll have enough room for another cat. But should i get a boy or a girl, an younger cat or an older cat. i'm not sure how Mia feels about other cats since she's been outside so long?
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Hmmmm...Tough choice.

First of all is she desexed? Because if you get a male, they would have to be neutered before you could introduce them.

If you could get a cat around the same age as her that would probably be better. A very small kitten can be annoying to an older cat, but in some cases the older cat will just act as a mother figure!
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Mia is a girl, often times it's pretty hard to introduce a new female to a resident female, they are often times more territorial than neutered males.
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I would suggest getting a cat that is the opposite sex and either around the same age or slightly younger. I say younger so that Mia can feel like she's still in charge of the other cat. Thought with my introduction lucky was really only in charge for the first minute or two and then she followed Rambo everywhere.
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Yeah Mia is fixed, when I found her she had a notch clipped out of her ear and the vet told me that there is a group that goes around spaying and neutering feral and abandoned cats.
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