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Kitten Wieght Question

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I weighed my siamese kittens for the first time today. The smallest is 145 grams and the largest is 175 grams. Is 145 way too low for a kitten that was born Sunday morning? The other two are 155 and 160. There were four in the litter.
Their mother is a wedge head but thier father was more of a traditional. Do you think it might just be the different body types or do you think I should start supplemental feeding?
Sarah is a very good mother. I just do not want the kitten to get nipple confusion.
Thanks for your advice.
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Average birth weight is between 80-120 grams (IIRC). Normal weight gain is 10-20 grams per day. So in the 3 days since birth, it would not be unusual to see them weigh between 120 and 180 grams. They sound just about right to me.

Before supplementing, I would just monitor their weights for a few days. Unless they are not gaining at a decent rate, I would not panic. It is very, very common for kittens of the same litter to gain at different rates.
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I just wanted to add, I pulled out my chart of our litter of 8 kittens. Their weight chart for the first week (grams). The first number is their birth weight. I put the same age of your kittens (3 days) highlighted in red:

1) 75/90/100/125/137/155/180/187...at 2 wks:255g
2) 90/90/100/125/137/150/180/190...at 2 wks:240g
3) 100/100/112/137/152/170/185/198...at 2 wks: 250g
4) 100/100/112/137/150/175/189/205...at 2 wks: 267g
5) 90/90/100/112/124/157/175/185...at 2 wks: 240g
6) 75/90/112/125/136/150/162/175...at 2 wks:240g
7) 75/90/112/125/135/148/162/175...at 2 wks: 235g
8) 75/90/112/125/133/150/170/185...at 2 weeks: 260g

They are now 7 months old and totally healthy, never had any health issues. If you notice that some of mine did not gain anything the first day...I didn't weigh them the same time every day until the second day. Also, with a large litter, mine would be a wee bit on the smaller side at first. Maybe this chart can give you an idea of what 'normal' can look like...I think your kittens weights seem fine.

Interesting to note...the smallest of the litter now (at 7 months) are #1 and #8...the largest are #2 and #4.
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Thanks, I can see now that mine are in normal range. My smallest is bigger then the largest of yours on the third day. I am just a little parinoid because in my last litter I lost one at the 8th day. He had a severe heart murmur. I would want to take any precautions.
I will try to post pics tonight.
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No problem, I understand your concerns. I was really worried because the litter was large and the mom was a stray who looked malnourished when she landed on my doorstep a few weeks before she delivered. So I felt the need to supplement the smallest kittens, just in case.

Unfortunately, there really is nothing you can do to avoid situations like death from a heart defect. Sorry to hear you lost one that way, it's so hard to lose any of them even when you know there is nothing you could have done.

I can't wait to see pics and congrats on the new litter, I'll bet they are beautiful!
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The most important thing is a steady weight gain. They should gain, on average, about 8 grams a day (give or take, again a steady gain is what matters). Some will be bigger than others and that's okay.

I think baby meezers may be a bit bigger on the average than moggie kittens. Gayef says her babies are about 4# at 8 weeks old. I rarely have kittens who are over 2# at that age. I don't know if that is a factor but it's a possibility.
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