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i have a newborn kitten in my care....and it's only 2 days's eating like a horse and seems to be doing really vet here told me that i should just have it put down because it wasn't worth saving.....there's absoultly nothing wrong with this's a little dehydrated, and i've been mixing water into it's that what i should be doing....or not?....i've dealt with sick cats, little kittens, but never any as small as this one....anyone what shoyuld i do!

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It is very difficult to hand raise kittens. You need to give them a milk replacer through a syringe or bottle if they will take it. Feeding them every 3 to 4 hours like clockwork and making sure to stimulate them to use the bathroom afterwards. This even means getting up in the middle of the night to feed them. If they are getting regular meals, they shouldn't be dehydrated. I think by you trying to help him is much better than your vets alternative. If it were me, I would find a vet with a little more compassion and some better advice on raising a kitten.
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Don't forget to keep him warm and secure and give him lots of love. This includes stimulating his behind for 'bathroom' reasons. It is important that you do this. Please keep us posted!
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Just want to add here that I hand raised a week old kitten and shes doing fine today . I'm by NO means any kind of expert in this area, but sometimes personal experience can be helpful as well

Kitty had to be kept nice and warm- she slept in a small box lined with soft blankets in a heated room- I also put a hot water bottle filled with warm but not scalding water, wrapped in towels on one side of her box in case she got a little cool ( I had to refill it with warm water at each feeding so it would stay warm enough). Sometimes she'd curl up to it, but she had the ability to get away from it if needed. She also enjoyed having a beanie baby to snuggle up to, I suppose it reminded her of her littermates.

I fed her every three hours, through the night as well and stimulated her bottom gently with a warm cloth after each feeding. Make sure the formula is the right temperature and that the nipple has a good flow rate. I had to enlarge the hole in her bottle a little as she had a hard time getting the milk out.

I also spent a lot of time lying on my bed with her and letting her snuggle up to me, I think she benefited a lot form the love and attention.

One thing people kept reminding me of was the chance that she wouldn't make it, and that I had to be prepared for that. However, don't let that possibility stop you from giving it your all. This kitty is lucky to have found you, good luck!!
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I say you should keep up the work of feeding the cat, keeping it warm. I don't know if you've ever had kids but you have to be on your toes 'and no sleep' just as if it were a new born human.

I never give up there's no such thing as 'too late' for me, there's only well.. thats the end no reviving.

If that's not the case, feed the kitty, give it that milk replacement, she doesn't need it mixed with too much water at that age, either through a syringe or you can bottle feed her if you are lucky enough. Please keep us updated!

She can start to try and eat wet canned cat food around 4-5 weeks of age, dependant on her health, and whether or not she wants to eat it yet.
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What a jerk! (Your vet). I would never ever return to a vet that had that to say about any living thing. Would he feel the same way about a preemie human baby that needed to stay in the hospital and receive special care?
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OMG - just read this - I just can't believe the attitute of the VET - every life is precious and thank god people like you are around to ignor people like this.

I have nothing else to add except my 2 cents above and wish you and the wee one the best of luck. I will include you in my prayers!!

Let us know how it going!
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ok, here's the story morning glories...if i had another vet to go to, i would...i'd really like to take her to almeana east (the one you see on the animal planet?)...crazy as that sounds...if i had the money i would...besides it's a really long drive, 8 hours!....but enough of that...the kitten is doing great...she's kinda sleepy acting today, but i guess that's kind of normal for it?...she's eating good...i finally got her to take the bottle of milk that i offered her today, and she ate healthly...she in fact fell asleep with it in her mouth...she's also kind of restless today...but i guess that's good...she's being kept in a box with towels and a heating pad set on medium to get through almost 5 layers of towels...i set a big stuffed cat in there with her, and she seems to love it...she's almost always cuddled up to it...i feed her every 3 hours unless she's crying for more...i haven't slept much in the last two days, which is the time period in which i got her...i think 7 hours in two days, but i don't mind at all...the only problem i have is i'm leaving, and i'm going to worry about her!!... but the woman who gave her to me, is keeping her for me while i'm's so good to know that i have people out there who support and are praying for my decision in keeping the kitten alive...just a little background history for all of you, i have 7 cats, 4 mice and a dog...all who are rescue cases, excluding the mice...i have raised many animals in my short 21 years, but i feel that i have learned something in those years...i even had to do this whole 3 hour feedings in high about tired...but thank all of you for the wonderful advice you have given me...and if there is anyhting else you can think of let me
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also, one more thing...i was wanting to name her...any suggestions?
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Problem!...the baby isn't doing so hot...she's not really moving around, and she's hardly eating!...i'm forcing her to eat, and i don't know if i'm doing the right thing...i'm keeping the kitten warm...and secure and i'm doing everythign i can to make it better...but she's still kickin and i doing the right thing?
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bad...bad...very bad!'s doing very bad!...earlier the kitten was fine and now, she's producing a lot of saliva, and isn't feeding well...she's really not doing good!...she's just laying there and not moving...or anything...and i don't know what to do!
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Hmmm when was the last time she peed or poo'd?

try rubbing her gently, get her circulation going. give her a mini-massage all over her body, I don't know if you've heard of the t-touch, but you could try that.

Is she swallowing any of the formula, and how is her breathing sounding, its not getting into her lungs is it?
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I am sending a prayer for you and wee one - that is all I can do from here. Please know that no matter what happens, you have done your best. That is all anyone can ask........
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Sometimes there are internal problems that even a vet would not be able to diagnose without extensive testing, which would be too hard on a newborn. You've done your best. Be careful not to feed so much that the baby aspirates the excess milk. God bless.
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she's sallowing very little formula...if this point...i've been rubbing my finger up and down her spine and on her tummy, she keeps giving up little cries now and then, but other than that...she also looks like she's trying to throw up...just could make her feel better, i had to put her back in her little nest because she got cold...i'm going to let ehr warm up and then try again...if not it's off to the vet we go
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Anyone have more advice?

Poor little kitty...I hope he's okay...
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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, little kittens die. The only thing you can do is the best you can, and get her to a vet if possible. They have a special name for this. If you have the kitty on a human heating pad, please replace the pad with a hot water bottle wrapped in towels, a human heating pad generates to much heat for such a young system. Other than that, you have gotten good advice here and I hope this little one will pull through.
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hows the kitten??????
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the kitten is dead...she die at midnight on the dot and i don't understand...she had bleeding from her nose and mouth and she passed away heartbroken as i am, i understand that these things happen...there was nothing i could do for it, and the vet wasn't much help either...considering they were closed...but i did my best...but it still hurts...i'm sorry for the bad news everyone...but thank you for all that you have told me and have helped me out greatly...thank you again

oh by the way...i named her hope!
post #20 of 29 did your best and due to your efforts, this little fur babe had a chance and someone to love her for her short time here on God's earth. I am sorry for your loss of little Hope, and I pray that you find comfort. You cared and that is what matters most.
Thank you for trying and for caring........

For Hope........
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Sorry abuut the baby. It sounds like you did the best you could.
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little, this happens so often there is a name for it. Fading Kitty Syndrome. You did all that you could, I am sorry Hope did not make it, but these things do happen.
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My condolences in the loss of poor little Hope You did the best you could, and its wonderful that she knew your love and care in her short life. Every animal deserves to be given a chance at life, and you gave her that. I'm just so sorry it didn't work out for the better. You're an angel for giving it your all :angel2:
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I am SO sorry to hear about your little kitten, Hope.

Please don't blame tried and you did what I would have done, and I have in the past tried to hand raise little day old abandoned kitties, and have never had any luck. I always do the best I can, and some times they have lived for a few weeks, then they just stop eating and just die. It is heartbreaking when you have spent so much time trying to help them live...but at least Hope knew the warmth of your touch, and the love of a human, and didn't die without knowing how it felt to be loved.

My thoughts are with you.
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i am so sorry. at least the kitten had you. you loved him in his short days. thats more than some get their whole life. hugs
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I just now saw this thread. I was really hoping that somehow this kitten would manage to stay alive, and then I got so worried when I read your posts about how the kitten was failing. I'm so sorry that you lost her, you tried your hardest but she was just too young.
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Poor Kitty....
You did your best, and that's all you can do.
There's a new kitty in Heaven now.
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It's very unfortunate that Hope didn't make it but at least littlet was there and gave the kitten a chance by providing her with the best care she could. It's uncouthful that she should be be made to feel bad about her decision to give the kitten a chance.

littlet came to this board to ask for advice from friendly knowlegdable people who have had experience with bottle feeding kittens so she could help Hope as best as she could.

In many cases "trained professionals" have advised owners to have their animal put to sleep and due to the ignorance of the owner they refused and in the end these animals have lived long and healthy lives.

The point of TCS is a friendly welcoming place for cat lovers to come and exchange advice and thoughts and make new friends. This is not a place to bash anyone's ideas or to make someone feel bad about a decision they made.
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To prevent this from becoming ugly. It has been decided to close this thread.

There are more than a few people on this board who have kept newborn kitties against vet advise, and went through a lot (while sharing the whole process with many) and have today cats that were not supposed to make it.

The reality is that some kittens are strong and they can thrive while others just fade. There is no purpose in making someone who is trying hard to keep a little one alive to feel bad about that decision. That is where second and third opinions in diagnosis come into play. I personally have one cat who has survived 9 years beyond what she was supposed to as a kitten. Had I listened to my vet, she would be dead and I would have been robbed all the pleasure she has brought over the years.

Little's kitten is gone and many members share her pain and sorrow. Nothing said here will bring this kitten back and if harsh words are exchanged then it just makes the pain worse. And the pain is bad enough to handle.
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