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Storms Kittens

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Well Storm had her kittens today 4 health kittens. A grey/white, 2 greys and a black. The first (grey/white) came at 9:05am, second (grey) at 9:44am, Third (black) at 10:39am and the last (grey) at 11:25am. The last one came out feet first that I had to help, but other then that they were all fine, and are nursing well. I took her to the vet, cuz I was worried there were two more since she was having contractions still and started panting, but her and her kittens were fine and there were no more.

Just like to say thanks to everyone that answered my questions and calmed me down a bit . Theres pictures of them all here (bottom of this post) if you'd like to see them There in order from the lump of the kitten in her stomach to the last kitten.

I just have one last question. After comming back from the vet, I set up the basket and put her and the kittens in it, which was fine. Then I left seeing as I've been with her since 7am thinking she wants some time alone. Well shes now comming down stairs, and meowing at me, going back to the stairs and then comming back to me. Is it normal for her to want me to stay with her all the time? or at least for now?

Edit - Well Im to tired to try fix the photobucket, or find out why its not working so I uploaded them to my LJ, so you can see them here http://silverphoenix69.livejournal.c...28.html#cutid1
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Congrats on the kittens..........I tried to look at the link but it needs a password to your photobucket account.
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Weird...I'll try to fix it
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Sorry - I missed your original thread, but congratulations on the cute newborn kitties! I'm so glad it was a safe healthy delivery. They are adorable adorable adorable!! (the link worked for me ... ??)

I'm not sure if it's normal or not, but when my cats had their kitties, they did the same thing (following you and meowing and leading you back to the kittens and looking at you). Well mostly my cat Sweetie did more. I'm thinking it may be a food thing? Mom-cats need plenty of food I think because they have to nurse all the time. Again I'm not sure; I'm sure somebody else will be able to give you a better answer.
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Links fixed, sort of.

Weird about the link oh wells lol. Thanks

About the food thing, she wouldnt eat until I sat with her thanks for answering though
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oh, they're just darling!!!!
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Maybe she just needs you to be there for her? Nursing kittens really hurts her after awhile you know. She needs to be comforted, and she probably wants you to be there for her! This is what I've heard from other people, at least. There many be other reasons. I don't know, exactly.

Please keep us updated on the pics of the kitties if possible! And of course how they're doing too. I'd love to watch them grow. Soooo adorable.
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She probably just wantst to show off her babies to you!

She is probably just looking for support and love. I would give her as much as possible as she'll let you know if she doesn't want you to be around.

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Awww. what a good mom! She looks very comfortable with those babes! She is very pretty herself!
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Thanks everyone . And yes she is a good mommy, the only time shes left them is to get me and since she had them on my bed, I was sleeping beside all of them last night, got woken up quite a bit though lols. And I'll keep you all updated with pictures I'm planing on taking pictures of all of them at least every week, so I can have pictures of how much they grow *grins*
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Gorgeous kits!
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Cute kitties! Good Luck to you and Storm!
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*pout* I am not able to see the pictures, but I am so very glad everything went well. I was not able to be online much over the weekend into Monday when this was happening for you, but I was real relieved to learn the babies were here and everything was smooth for you!

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Weird it should have worked *sighs*...But thanks it means a lot I'm glad that nothing happened to any of them to I thought the last one was gonna die, cuz he wasnt breathing or moving for a lil bit but it turned out he was fine
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*bites lip* and here I thought, the worring would stop after the kittens were born. Im kinda worried about the first kitten born, the grey/white. His neck seems a lot smaller then the rest of the kittens. He moves around and all, but sometimes his head will flop over or if he goes to roll over, his head will stay for maybe 2-3 seconds longer. Is that normal for a runt in the litter? He weighs the same as one of the greys (3oz), but the grey also looks a lot bigger then he does. Any ideas?
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I don't think I'd worry yet... kittens that are the runt are a bit smaller and
may be even up to a few days younger at birth (because they were last to be concieved) than the older and larger kits. If he is nursing well, and Mom is okay with him, he is probably fine. Give him a few more days before you start the worrying! They look devine!! I'm having 3 soon - can't wait for my feral to give birth. I will have a grand time socializing!
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I worry about everything lol. Thanks, I dunno I read somewhere that they should weigh 100grams at birth or there more likly to die and I found an ounce to gram converter and he only weighs 85 grams sooo I worry. But I'll try not to for a few more days I guess

And thanks Good luck to you and your kitty *winks*
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They are beautiful! Average birth weight is between 80 and 120 grams, give or take. You can supplement the kitten with some KMR if you are worried. Just weigh them daily and make sure he is gaining every day, never losing or staying the same, before going into panic mode, LOL.
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Just make sure the runt get his fair share of time at the milk bar. My little foster runt was getting squeezed out by the 3 others, so I gave her KMR with a syringe and made sure she had private nursing time. She is so smart, she figured out the best time to nurse was when the rest of them went to sleep! Now she is normal size, and sleeping right here next to me, of course she never left, I am a sucker for those little runts!
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I might end up giving the two smaller ones KMR, more likely the grey/white one though cuz hes so small. He is getting better though, and his neck is a lot stronger today then it was. I always make sure he gets a nipple, and when I'm not there I notice that he goes on top of them for a nipple or waits till the other three are sleeping. Lol Im a sucker for runts to *grins* I'd like to keep all of them, but my parents wont let me, saying we have to many pets already (2 guinea pigs, a bunny, a snake, a dog and Storm and Mischief plus the kittens). Where keeping at least 1 and Id like it to be the grey/white one.
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We need some more piccies!!!
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Our little baby runt only weighed 85 grams. Then 6 of them weighed 100 grams, and the largest weighed about 115. The runt looked a little odd and scrawny for quite some time, especially her neck. She's now VERY large and healthy and beautiful!
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*grins* I'll post some more pictures soon. I have 21 from the second day that I can share

Thats good to no Where whould you get KMR?

And I have a question on Umbilical cords. Storms trying to pull one off. Is that normal? I didnt see her do it for the other ones, but it looks kinda painful to the kitten.
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Originally Posted by SilverPhoenix69
*grins* I'll post some more pictures soon. I have 21 from the second day that I can share

Thats good to no Where whould you get KMR?
you should be able to find it at a pet store. if the store is a ways away from you, you might want to call first to make sure they have it.
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Heres some more pictures of Storms kittens. There taken from March 7th (the day after they were born) to March 13th. There growing a lot now, the smallest one but oldest (the grey/white one that I've named Lightning) weighs almost 6oz now, being 3oz when he was born. Also something that I havent said yet, there are three males and one female. The grey/white is male. The bigger grey(Smokey) is female and the black(Midnight) and other grey(Lucky) are males

http://silverphoenix69.livejournal.c...57.html#cutid1 Tell me if you have problems with the link I'll try to fix it, or figure out why you cant see them.
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