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I am back!

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lengthy delay in posting (what - about 1 year). Hello to all of my old friends and greeting to everyone I haven't met yet.

I know I kind of disappeared off the boards last year after I had my baby (Kevin is now approaching 13 months). It seems everytime I try to go on the computer he wants on my lap and to hit the keyboard. He is worse then the cats. I took almost 1 year off work, and was hardly ever on line at home. Then I had a lot of catching up to do when I got back to work.

It seems I will never catch up on the news here at TCS - I have been reading a few threads (betwwen doing some work at work) and I can't believe that MA has left the board!

I will try to keep in touch better, but in another 2 months I will be on another maternity leave (yes I am expecting again. My babies will be 15 months apart). After trying desparately for 6 years to get pregnant I'm having 2 so close together!

Please let me know how everyone is doing!
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Welcome home! Was wondering about you and the "little one" the other day. We've had such a homecoming with several members this past week or so!

Sorry to hear your son wants to hit the keyboard. With cats you can at least put them on the floor and throw a catnip mouse to distract them.
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Welcome back and congratulations on your son and the new one!!
Lots of old people and new ones too.
I'm sure you are busy,busy!!
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You almost sound like my cousin Donna. After being married almost 15 years and adopting 2, she and hubby are now expecting their 4th baby!
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Congratulations on the birth of your son, and your expected new arrival.
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Hey ady! I had to blink twice when I saw your name on the boards! Wow! 15 months apart is going to be a challenge. Mine are 13 months apart. It was rough going at first, but it always got easier over time, and now I wouldn't have done it any other way.
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Hi, I haven't met you before but welcome back!
My old boss got pregnant 6 weeks after giving birth...she wouldn't have it any other way though, you'll do fine!
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Hi Adrienne....... So glad to see you back. What a busy life you've been having..........we'd love to see pics of the new little one!
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Hi Adrienne - it's wonderful to have you back! Congratulations on your SECOND baby Wow... you must be nuts! Please do keep in touch and lets have some of those pics eh?
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I didn't know you before, but hello and welcome back.
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Welcome back Ady!! I've been wondering how you and the little guy are doing. But it sure didn't cross my mind that you would be expecting again! How exciting!! Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
Hi Adrienne - it's wonderful to have you back! Congratulations on your SECOND baby Wow... you must be nuts! Please do keep in touch and lets have some of those pics eh?
Nuts about qualifies! You should have seem my reaction when I found out I was pregnant again! I think I said "I'm what....!!!!!!" With 5-6 years of infertility I laughed when the doctor asked me after the last one if I wanted birth control - "what do I need birth control for?" HAH!

Well I always wanted 2 kids and now I am going to have 2 little boys!
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CONGRATULATIONS, ADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow - that really IS a surprise, lol!

I disappeared for quite a while too, and I'm back only really sporadically now. I didn't even try to catch up, lol! There are so many new members - but it's still such a friendly, fabulous site.

Don't know if you were still on the boards when Gary and I moved into the house. We LOVE it! Then we went through a lot of craziness adopting a really troubled, drug-addicted teen who turned out to have serious mental illnesses. She basically ran away, but we keep in touch, and she's been in and out of several institutions. Apparently this is going to be the way it is.

Sounds like you're really going to have your hands full! You may not get a whole lot of sleep for the rest of this decade, Ady, but you wanted two and, well, it looks like your wish is coming true! It sounds like you're beaming and happy, and I couldn't be happier for you! Hope we get to see you around more often!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
With cats you can at least put them on the floor and throw a catnip mouse to distract them.
You mean you can't do that with kids? Don't worry. I have no plans on having kids anytime soon!

Hello & Welcome back! I never met you before. Can you fill me & the other memebers how never met you in on your furkids?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover
Can you fill me & the other memebers how never met you in on your furkids?
Hello! I had been a very active member here for years - then came the baby! It is unbelievable how much time and energy 1 little soul can momopolise!

I am the current owner of 4 beautiful cats - We had to put one down last year due to health reasons, it was heartbreaking. Pepperpot is a 10 year old tortiseshell who is very agile and loving. She is the queen of our house, 1st in the pecking order. Then there is Excalibur. He is a lovely and loving big old fluffy white and orange boy. He is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever seen. He is 8 years old and we like to call him large boned (honestly - he is only slightly overweight - he is just big). Merlin is next. He is 6. We rescued him when he was about 6 weeks old and poor baby was ill. He is a major momma's boy and has the colouring of a black and white cow. Then there is Striker (AKA Gweeky). He is our resident timid boy approximately 5 years old. he is afraid of everything and has been that way since we got him. He had been born to a feral cat at our vets and lived in a cage there until we adopted him. If I didn't know better, I would say he were feral - he certainly has the instincts. He is grey, brown and white.

Kevin (my son) loves the cats. i think they are his most favourite thing in the world. he is always trying to kiss them and hug them. He can't really talk yet other then "momma, dada and cat".

I work for the Canadian government and I just got promoted. I stated my new job 4 weeks ago and I leave for my next mat leave in 6 more weeks!
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Hi Ady, it's good to see you here again! Congratulations on the birth of your first, and your expected second! That's so great! Stop in from time to time, and pictures, please!
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back, Ady! Funny, I recently wondered whether you were going to come back once Kevin was past the "baby" stage. Congratulations on expecting your second (and on your promotion)! Sometimes it just seems to work out that way. A friend tried to get pregnant for 20 years (!), hit her forties, got pregnant and miscarried, and then managed to have two girls 13 months apart!
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kevin is whattt????
Already 13 months! Unbelievable!!!
Congratulations on your second baby and on the promotion!
You need to show us updated pics!!
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Hi Ady and welcome back Congratulations on the new baby!
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Hi Ady - welcome back It's great to hear from you again. Congrats on your second baby and the promotion . Wow! Your life got busy all of a sudden didn't it!
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