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Wish me luck please

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Going to a job interview. They called yesterday and rescheduled on me, so I had extra time to be nervous! LOL
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Good luck!! I hope everything goes well and you get the job!
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You'll knock em dead!
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Good luck, I know you'll do great!
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Good luck Mary Anne! I know you will do good. Positive thoughts and energy coming your way!!!
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Hissy, I hope you do well on your interview. What are you applying for?
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I would hire you if I were them! Good thoughts being sent your way!
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Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.
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Good luck! :angel2:
What's the interview for?
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I'm sure they'll recognize your qualities. I'll say a prayer for you.
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What is the job for anyway?
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Keeping our thumbs up! Hope you will get that job!
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I think I might of blown it though. It was for a small cell-phone company and when I went in it was for a data entry position, but as she talked to me, she asked if I would be interested in being an Office Manager! I told her of course I would, and she said one gal is transferring to another department. So anyway we started discussing my qualifications and then she said "We are such a small company, would you mind if EVERYONE who works here interviews with you?" Well that stopped me, and I sat on it for a minute, and said "Well, that depends on if you want me to motivate these people to get their work done, or become their best friends? Personally, I would rather motivate them." We ended on that note. AAAAACK! How would some of you handled such an odd question? Or is it odd at all?
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I think you answered that wonderfully. The reason she was asking you the question was to get a reaction. The fact that you reflected and didn't jump to an answer says a lot. Your answer says a lot about your character too (which is good) and how you would handle a possibly stressful situation.
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I think that was a great answer! Wow, not often you go in an get interviewed for a better job than you applied for. That in itself says they saw something in your resume that they really liked! Let us know how it turns out.
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I think it was a good answer, too! I have never heard of having everyone in the office interview the person, that sounds kinda silly!! I hope they will call you back and hire you! Let us know!!
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I think that was a great answer, way to go...shows that you can give a insightful answer under pressure!
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Well my knees were knocking together the entire time! LOL I am sure she heard them over on the other side of the desk! I hate interviews so much. But office manager with benefits and good vacation package........
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I think that was a very odd question. I've never heard of being interviewed by the entire office! Not unless you were working for all of them. I think you gave a fine answer. I mean, you were honest and it is a concern about getting too chummy with the people who work under you.
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Sounds to me like they gave you that question just to throw you and YOU GAVE A GREAT ANSWER!!! You go girl!
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Well, I didn't get the job, but can't say I didn't try. They are going to keep my application on file, but they went with a more qualified person. My luck to out of work in a state with 5,000 people unemployed........
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Don't get discouraged! I was going to 3-6 interviews a week for almost 3 months before I finally landed this job. It is a tough market out there right now, but you will find something.

If it is meant to be, it will happen. If it doesn't happen just the way you wanted initially, it wasn't the right place for you.
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Hey, at least you got 3 - 6 interviews a week!

I've been looking for 2 months, and only got one interview so far
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Well, I have a lot of office skills and experience so in that I am pretty marketable for a wide variety of jobs. Basically any office job, I can do. I should ammend that statement to also include that I was sending out 25-30 resumes a week, so the rate of return really wasn't that good. This was also starting Sept. 1 so the economy and unemployment wasn't nearly as bad as it is now. Generally it was around 4 interviews a week once my resume was circulating all over town. Out of all of those, I got one job offer which I was actually their 3rd choice that I took. 4 months later I got one other job offer from back in October when their first choice didn't work out.
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Sorry to hear you didn't get the job...but keep your chin up...something better will come along....just pray about it, God has the right job in mind for you! This obviously just wasn't it.
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Hissy you will be hire eventually and they will be lucky to have you. Before I started work here I sent out over 400 resumes in 4 months for my field (social services) I got 2 interviews - no one was hiring due to government cutbacks. You just have to have faith and hard work.
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Don't give up! Keep on trying. Soon enough the right position will come along and snatch you up. Just remember that now a days it takes awhile to find a job b/c the job market is so bad.
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