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Advice on poorly puddy-tat

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Hey all,

I have a poorly pussy cat here, Spike is 2 and has been getting sick and I htink he had diarrhea this morning as well but I'm not 100% sure as we have 3 other cats as well (all related, Mum, Dad and 2 kids, both almost 1) anyway... Anyway, yesterday morning I found a bit of... well I can only assume it was rat or mouse in the kitchen - it was just a little pile of innards (eeew) and I think therefore one of them ate the whole thing, then Spike gets sick last night and this morning (a lot). He seems to be ok now though, although he's looking for a lot of fuss and cuddles and has been padding at me, he doesn't normally you see... But other than that he seems ok now, he's grooming happily enough and I shook a tube of cat drops we have and he came running over to me.

How can I tell if he's ok, is it his nose will be wet and his guns will be very pale if he is sick? Anyway, his diet consists of wet food in the morning and dry food whenever he wants it. I was going to give him some chicken later on to ease him into food again but what does everyone else think? Sick and needs to go to the vet urgently or just a tummy bug and should be ok tomorrow, our vet is only open 1 hour a day (we live in the middle of nowhere) so we were going to takehim tomorrow if he doesn't seem any better... What does everyone else think? Thanks in advance folks!
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Me personally i would be taking him for a vet check up quicker than tomorrow incase the mouse/rat had any poison in them
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But thats what I mean, they're closed today so I want to make him comfortable for the rest of the day unless he's dyng on me.... He's asleep now but looks happy enough, any other suggestions?
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No other suggestions here. Just keep an eye on him and get him into the vet tomorrow when they are open if that's the best you can do.
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Will do thanks! He's just eaten a full bowl of chicken s he must be feeling a little better, I think it may have been that mouse or rat or whatever it was (can't tell by innards really lol!). Also, he's long haired and does a lot of grooming so that could be it as well....

Thanks all! I'll keep you all posted on his wellbeing!
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If he does have diarrhea, make sure that he stays hydrated. Do the neck pinch trick (Pull up the skin on the back of his neck. If it snaps back into place he's hydrated, if it holds the form, he's dehydrated). That can be a lot of cats biggest battle. Good luck.

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Just a thought, he may have contracted worms from the mouse/rat. If I remember correctly, they are carriers, so this could be the case!

I hope you get to see the vet tomorrow and Spike gets the all clear or something to make him feel much better!!

I hope Spike is better soon!!

I'm sure he's enjoying the chicken, anyway!
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He has a great appetite today, he scoffed all his food and then went after the dogs this morning!

He hasn't been sick anymore either, he's just sleeping lots, still I think I'm going to get him to the vets to get him checked over...
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I'm pleased he seems a lot better today, but pleased your still taking him to be checked over as well
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