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Collars.. Yay or Nay?

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The Mrs. Always seems to be wanting to put collars on the cats. I figure we've got indoor cats and they dont need collars. How do you feel about collars on indoor cats? Yay or Nay?
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If the kitties get out, you'll wish they had collars with name-tags.
That said, I tried putting collars on my indoor kitties...and couldn't keep collars on them...they both figured out how to unbuckle them! lol

Microchipping is probably a better route for cats that don't like collars or if you just don't want them to wear the things.
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I don't have mine collared at the moment, but I have collared before - Some cats will tolerate it, some won't.

I think its up to you!
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I definitely advocate all cats- even indoor cats- wearing a lightweight breakaway collar with current ID. All 3 of mine wear safety collars.
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I think all cats should wear collars.
if it wasn't for cat Ollie having a collar on, one day, he climbed out the downstiars window in summer, and got hit by a car! was taken to a center, and because of his ID, they called us, we picked him up, and got his leg sorted,

Because of this experiance, I will always collar my kittys, once my cats Simba and Star get abit older they will get collars, and they will be soley indoor cats.
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I like to put collars on my kitties, but my mother in law, says no way. She even paid me $100.00 bucks to take the collar off of my cat.
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Reilly doesn't wear a collar. When I met him he was already a year old, and he was hurting himself when I put one on him.
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I live in an apartment/townhouse. The door leads right out to the parking lot and a street where many fellow college students drive and walk. So yes, I have a collar on Marlee and she does very well with it! I ordered Beastie Bands (like nearly the first thing I've ever ordered off line) and it was so worth it! First off, I could not find any small enough to fit her in any stores since she is still a kitten, and I think is just going to be a small cat. And they are velcro, so will come off if she gets stuck on anything. She was a little weirded out when I first put it on her, trying to bat at the name tag, etc. She tore it off twice within an hour, then figured out I was just going to keep putting it on her. After that she never pays attention to it! I greatly recommend Beastie Bands! And they are pretty cheap! I ordered two for under $15 (or around there!)
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I tried to collar my girls and they nearly choked themselves trying to get it off...so it's not a viable option in our house.
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safety collars here and soon micro chipping...
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My persian doesn't wear a collar because of his long fur. My short haired kitty does though. I made a break away collar for her with a bell so I know where she is. She's a sneaky little devil and I really should have a tag on her collar, but at least she's microchipped. I say let your wife do it.
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All microchipped, but two are collared, one with a medic alert tag (she has glaucoma), the other is collared because she's a former feral.
If she gets out, I want her wearing visual ID since she may be hard to catch.
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If my kitties needed to be indoor only, I think I would be even more pro-collar (with ID) than I already am -- simply because an indoor kitty has no experience of the outdoors and will need more help getting home if she does get out, than would one who has experience of the outdoors.
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Harley is only indoors and has a collar with his name, phone #, ect on it - and one from the vet with his med. info on it too.

You could never be too safe!
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My kitties always wear thier collars. One has a bad habit of trying to run out the door, and I don't always snag her in time. I've had to go after her before, hoping like heck she doesn't run into the street! But if she ever did slip out unnoticed (it happened once!) she's got her tag so I can be called. Microchipping does no good if nobody knows there's a chip in the cat. And not everyone who finds a cat on the street is going to bother with taking it to the vet. Both my cats and all of my dogs wear a collar with tags at all times. ESPECIALLY thier rabies tags (required by law) and the dogs' county license, again, required by law. The cats only wear their rabies tag, but it has my vet's phone number on it, and my vet has all of my contact info. The dogs wear tags with me and hubby's cell phone numbers on them.

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Originally Posted by babyharley
Harley is only indoors and has a collar with his name, phone #, ect on it - and one from the vet with his med. info on it too.

You could never be too safe!

I would be careful about having a collar with his name. I wanted one too but my vet advised me against it as if someone wanted to steal one of my cats they would have an easier time bonding with him if they know their name. So my cats have a tag with my last name and phone number and the vets phone number on the back.
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Personally I don't put collars on any of my cats. For the most part, the cats I've had were/are show cats and collars a big no-no. I can see why people put them on because if the cat escapes you stand a chance of someone returning them.

But so far (knock on wood) we've never had to worry about cats getting out - my show cats don't have any interest in going outside from the start.
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My cats don't wear collars. They are strictly indoor and I live in an apartment. They are micro-chipped though, just in case.
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I say no. My cats don't like them. And I had two bad experiences with them where one cat got it caught in her mouth. And once got her paw through it.
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Both my girls wear collars with bells on them. I keep saying I'm going to get name tags for them but I keep forgetting But I live in an apartment on the second floor so there is no direct access to the outside if they did manage to slip out the door (which the have ) So I say "Yay" for collars.
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I dont see why not. I dont collar my cats, but if your cat will tollerate it, i say go for it. I used to make Parrot wear a collar, but she got it caught in her mouth once, and it scared the heck out of me. Although, I think that I am going to call my vet about micro chipping, just in case one of my cats do get out, although, none of them seem even the slightest bit interested and have never once bolted for the door.

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I do not like collars, I feel a harness is much better and safer for the cat. My domestics do not wear collars, but I have harnesses for my exotics and Carmelo wears a harness at all times. All my cats have microchips for I.D.
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My two are indoor cats and aren't collared but they are chipped
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mien all wear collars, & have since they were kittens. i use Beastie Bands. they're very lightweight & stretchy, & soft on the inside. i do have to trim the velcro portion down or it will rub Pixel's neck. here are some places to get them online:
Robbins Pet Care - you can request particular colors with them!
Here Kitty-Kitty
Palmetto Pet Services
i also have tags, which i got here. they have the cat's name, my home & cell numbers, & a message on the back which says "If you see me outside, I am lost. Reward"
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My cats are indoor only, all wear collars with tag & are microchipped.
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I usually keep Beastie Band safety collars on our indoor cats. They're microchipped too, but I want them to have a collar & tag so if they get outside people will be able to tell they're pet cats & not strays, and hopefully return them home ASAP.

If you want to use a collar, I'd recommend either Beastie Bands or the kind with the plastic safety-release clasp (test it in the store to make sure the release will open with a moderate amount of pressure and isn't too hard or too easy to pop open).

I do not recommend the safety collars that use only a small elastic insert as their release mechanism, because cats can get their jaw stuck in them or an arm stuck through them.
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I've had EXCELLENT luck with these, it seems that they release when they should, but not just from a little scratching like some of teh Petsmart collars did. They're also really consistent from collar to collar as to how much pressure you need to unclasp them.

AND they're quite stylish Leo wears M28, Raph wears M34 and Gracie wears M48
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I say collar and chip. A lot of people don't check for microchips or don't even know about them. People are also more likely to help a collared cat because they can see it's owned and loved. I think the chip is a good backup mechanism in case something happens to the collar.

Puppy tolerates his collar, Princess actually likes hers, and Patches hates it. Patches probably needs a collar the most since she spends a lot of time outside, but she somehow pulls them off, even the buckled ones. She's lost too many to count, so she goes uncollared.
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my guys all wear collars. that's one of the rules of living at our home. kitties wear collars. all 3 tolerate them just fine. so no problems there. they also wear their id tag with both mine and DH's cell #s. and their rabies tag.

my reasoning for the 2 tags is, should my indoor only cats get out. people will see that they are collared and tagged. plus, should they get found by someone or end up in a shelter, there are 2 ways to find their way back to me. i worked in a shelter for just over 2 years, and cats with no tags didn't find their way home very often at all. even just a rabies tag can be enough to trace an owner.

my cats are not microchipped because the last place i lived, the shelter didn't even have the technology to scan for the chips.
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