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Tail Sucking?

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I was just wondering if anyone else had a cat that sucks on the tip of their tail?

My cat Maggie, when she's real happy and comfortable, will curl up and suck on her tail, purring and "making buscuits", and will eventually fall asleep.

I've never seen a cat do this until I found her, just curious if anyone else has a cat that does this.
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Usva did that once, the first time I snapped at her. She's a rescue and was taken from her mom too early, so I think she was trying to evoke the memory of sucking milk in mom's loving care to comfort herself. She was really insecure back then.
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Yeah, I found maggie in the middle of the highway in the rain when she was just a little kitten. I thought that maybe it was because she was taken away from her mother too early too, but she still does it... Just thought it was kinda odd...
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hilarious! love to see a pic of that
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It's been so long ago, but our first kitten we had "Doc"
would go round 'n' round til he caught his tail, and started sucking
on the tip, lay over and until he went to sleep! I think your right about
being taken away from his mom too soon! What a sweetie!
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My black cat in England always sucked his tail. He did it so much the end of his tail was brown
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I've seen a kitten that did this like he was nursing a bottle. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.
He grew out of it. Sometimes now he'll lick the end of his tail, like he remembers there was something cool about it, but never suck on it.
I wish my kitty did this!
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Mick was 10 when I left the UK and he was still doing it then. He used to hold it like a bottle as well, it was sooooo sweet. I really miss him
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Everyone else may find it cute and endearing, but it drives me up the wall! I got my cat as a kitten about a year ago and he spent the first two or three weeks with me before he started to slobber all over his tail. At first i thought it was cute, until he would manage to whip the sopping wet tail in my face at night. Now it's been a never-ending battle. Whenever I catch him doing it, I clap my hands loudly and he stops, but I can't be around him 24/7. I've tried everything i can think of to try to detur him from sucking: ceyenne pepper, garlic juice, vinegar, black pepper, and the apple bitter stuff that the pet store sells. He loves all of it. Anyone know of anything I might be able to put on the tip of his tail to stop this annoying habit? Thanks in advance.
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Hahaha I had forgotten all about this post until I just got an email saying there had been another reply. Nope I never could get my cat to stop sucking on her tail on my own, eventually she did quit doing it though. Everyonce in a while she'll still curle up and do it but its very rare now. It took her about a month or two to quit doing it on her own though, my efforts did nothing...
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