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Goodbye my 19 year old Candy

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I have hardly been able to grab a chance to get online for sometime now, but today I just had to come on and post in rainbow bridge. My darling Candy was put to sleep today aged 19. She had a brain seizure My mum and dad were with her when she went and the vet was even sad as he has only put to sleep 3 other cats over 18.. Anyway... my tribute to my Candy .

I was 9 years old when you came to live with us with your twin sister Suzie. I can remember coming home from school in my gingham dress and seeing this tiny little kitten in the kitchen. Excitedly I went into the living room to see an identical kitten sitting on the carpet. My sister and I were allowed to name a kitten each and it would be our cat. We could only tell you apart from your sister by the black paw you had on your right back foot.

I can remember those days playing in the garden with you and some wool or string. You were a lovely girl always ready for a cuddle. Even in your last few years you were always there curled up in the hallway or someones bed in the house. Oh and that purr! You could hear it a mile away. My greatest memories of you are when you had your "dog" phase. You would bring in twigs and sometimes even sticks from the garden for us to throw and you would run after them, pick them up and bring them back to us to throw again. This went on for about 6 or 7 years!

I can also remember that dreadful time when you came in one day covered in parafin... There were some people a few doors away who used to mend their cars in the garage and they had this big vat of the stuff that you somehow must have fallen into. The vet didn't think that you would make it as you kept on licking the parafin off of yourself. Luckily you pulled through though and after that, you seemed to stay in the house or garden and never did venture very far.

Until that Christmas when I was in senior school you went missing for 3 weeks. We thought that that was the end. We kept calling you, putting leaflets in peoples doors, notices on trees until one day, 3 weeks later this lady called us and said that they had found a really skinny cat in their coal shed. As it was winter this lady had hardly gone outside but she must have accidently locked you in the shed when she had got coal a few weeks before. The amazing thing was that you had been living off a drip of water coming in the shed from the snow. The vet said then that you were so lucky to be alive. That was my happiest Christmas to date, sitting in school and getting the message that "Candy had been found alive!" The sad thing was and I still think of it now was that for those 3 weeks you would have heard us calling you yet you were helpless...

The past few years I have missed you Candy. Since the day I left home I have missed you. But it has been so touching to come home to my parents and you run down the path to greet me. You still remembered us and in your last few months got close to my father (who is ill). I somehow think that in your old age and your frailness you have taken to comforting my father. It's nice to think like that.

Anyway, I must go before I carry on too much and cry too much.... See you later in heaven my darling Candy, Candora, Can Can, Lioness xxxx Play happily with Suzie and all the other cats over Rainbow Bridge

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oh Gilly! Your story is so moving.

RIP candy xxxxx
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Gilly sweetie, i'm so sorry

What a gorgeous little girl she is And the story on how Candy came into your lives was so sweet

Candy's well over the bridge by now, and she's no longer frail anymore because she has a new lease of life over there.

RIP Candy Have fun over the bridge, and be a good girl until you see everyone again
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That was a lovely story of Candy. What a special little girl. RIP sweet kitty
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Gosh Gilly - I'm so sorry

your story reminds me so much of my Charley... you are very much in my thoughts.

RIP sweet Candy.
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Your sweet Lioness...beloved Can Can was deeply loved.
RIP Candy.
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Hi Gilly,

I am so sorry for your loss...My heart goes out to you!
Your post brought tears to my eyes. Your post reminded me of my beloved Mibby who I had to put to sleep at 18.
RIP sweet beautiful Candy...
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I am so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Sweet Candy. You are loved and missed.
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I am so so sorry for your loss You were a good mum to Candy and I know she will be waiting for you just across the bridge

Fly free little one
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What a gorgeous girl. It sounds like she had a wonderful life thanks to you and your family. I'm very sorry for your loss RIP Candy
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What a beautiful tribute to Candy! She sounds like such a wonderful, sweet loving girl. She had a long, life and knew she was loved. I'm so sorry for your loss Thinking of both of you. RIP pretty girl
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I just want to say R.I.P. Candy & enjoy your time over the bridge (I'll read your tribute later, but right now I'm on lunch at work & have a feeling I'd start crying.)
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What a beautiful tribute to Candy! I'm sure she is happy and busy romping again with my Little Roy and all the others over the Rainbow Bridge.
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R.I.P. Candy!!!
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I am so sorry for your loss, Gilly! How hard to lose someone who was so much a part of your childhood!

She is with her sister, now, reunited. How sweet it will be someday to see them again!
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What a sweet kitty, and you and your family had her for so long. I know my Candy, who went to the bridge 8 weeks ago at 15, was there to greet her, along with Suzie, and all the other beloved kitties we all miss so much.

Rest In Peace, little Candy.
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oh Gilly, I just saw this - I am so very sorry for your loss

what a beautiful tribute to your darling girl... I cried as I read it as I can feel your love through your words. Please remember she is never far away from you

RIP Candy - you are deeply missed little one - fly high special angel
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May Candy rest in peace & enjoy playing with Suzie over the Rainbow Bridge.

I'm very sorry.

( ( ( ( (hugs) ) ) ) )
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r.i.p sweet beautiful brave lucky candy

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Thank you everyone for your kind words I printed out the rainbow bridge story for my mum, dad and sister and they were all in tears.

Candy is going to be cremated and we have decided to scatter her ashes in the garden at the family home. She was always in the garden lying in the sunshine and playing etc so that is where we feel she belongs

Mum said that she keeps on imagining Candy coming towards her or meeowing. She said it's really strange not to hear the cat flap go or see her there when she gets home.

I feel okay about it now, just sad that a pet that was part of my life for so long has now gone. Guinness & I have said a few prayers this week
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Awww your poor family, i bet they'll miss Candy You hug Guinness Gilly because he'll give you some comfort
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Condolences to you and your family on the loss of Candy. This must be very difficult, since your father is also ill. Perhaps there will be a kitten or two, in your parents' future, to help fill the cat-sized hole in their hearts. And if my ancestors are right, that the unborn souls are up there on the Other Side with those have lived and died, then the newcomers may well get to meet Candy, and have the inside scoop on how to fit in with the family. 19 years is a tribute to the great love and wonderful home you gave to your precious Candy. Rest in Peace, Candy...
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Gosh, these posts always choke me up....thanks for sharing your richly detailed story about your sweet Candy...what a doll, and a good friend she sounds like she was....RIP sweetie Candy
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Gilly, I've just seen this!

Your tribute was so touching and full of love!

Candy will now be happily over the brige playing and watching over you, your family and Guinness!

Remember, Candy's never far away while she's in your heart!
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Thanks Sar

I am sorry to bump this topic, but we scattered Candy's ashes in the garden on the 12th of March. It was a beautiful spring day, if a little cold. We were all tearful but I just couldn't hold back and got really upset. But I will look back on that day and think of all the new things appearing, the daffodils were just coming out and there were snowdrops and crocuses. I am glad that Candy is in the garden still with all the things around her that she loved My mum is going to plant some forget-me-nots that came with the box that her ashes were in - such a sweet tribute. I have her little box here with me along with the stuff from the vets - even though she's not in there I don't want to throw the box away yet.

Thanks again everyone
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And i'm sure she'll be looking down at them when they bloom as well Gilly

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awwwww that brought a tear to my eye Gilly

I am so glad that that her final resting place is where she loves and she will always be in your heart
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RIP sweet Candy.
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Rest in peace Candy. Candy's tribute brought tears to my eyes. Candy is free from her body that was failing her. She is now on the bridge making lots of kitty friends until you meet again...
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