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How Cosy Is Your Home Today?

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It's snowing, but it's already warmed up to 28 outside! And I have both the woodburner stove & the fireplace burning away. Joey, Andy & Andrea are curled up in the livingroom, Cindy is dozing in front of the woodburner. It is just SO COZY!! And the best part, is that even though the plumbing in the kitchen is torn out, and the hot water heater is disconnected, I have flowing clean water outside from an artesian pipe that never freezes (it's a very cool thermal spring), so if the power does go out (our well runs on electricity), I have heat, cooking utility, water & sleeping bags plus cats to warm them up!All in all, a great Sunday (plus the power is still on to use the computer )
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Cats just make a home so much cosier.
I love warming my hands underneath Pushy when I come in from outside, he's always so sleepy and warm and soft.
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It's -7 here, and my home is at a backing 75 degrees...but it is comfy..I cant turn the heat down soon though...

We live above a pizza reasturant and thier ovens keep it nice & good in here on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
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I wish it would snow.
Its soooo cold out but not pretty. The city traffic makes everything so dirty and ugly.

I guess it is pretty cozy in my house though. The kitty is rolling around on the rug and I'm baking stuff. And of course I'm watching Court TV.
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I have radiators, 3 of them in 450 square feet, so we're definitely cozy, if by cozy you mean baking!

And I def. agree...cats make a home so cozy!
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Its in the 70s here and I'm gradually getting this place pulled together.

Some pictures are hung and I assembled my new bed today. Tonight, I won't be so crowded.
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Its 10 degrees outside. The winds blowing the wood stoves on and all 5 cats are stretched out in front of it toasting. Its about 76 plus inside.
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It was a whooping 21 here today and it's about 65 in my place, so much nicer than outside. As long as Sash is cuddling with me it's always nice and cozy inside here!
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