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My poor darling...

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I took my kitty to the vet today cuz she's been urinating all around her litter box. They said it wasn't a UTI but, they did say she had a lot of bacteria in her urine. I was so worried! I didn't get a chance to ask them how she got it. I hope it wasn't from me! I try to keep her litter clean throughout the week and change it weekly! Now she has to take pain medication and amoxy!!
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UTI is Urinary Tract Infection so if it is bacteria, it must be a UTI

Anyway, lots of healing vibes for your baby. I don't think it's anything you did wrong, so don't feel bad about that.
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i know! that's what I was thinking too....but, i was so nervous my mind wasn't thinking when they were talking to me!
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Poor baby ..... get well vibes coming your way.....
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Sending lots of good vibes for your baby.
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Your vet's office should welcome a call from you asking for clarification about the diagnosis.
They know that people are stressed out when their kitty is undergoing an exam and easily become confused.
I am sending healing vibes.
Keep us updated.
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I hope it clears up soon.
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I'm sending get well soon vibes!
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Ohhhhhhhh.... I hope your little kitty feels so much better! As far as what they told you? Well, if I am understanding your post correctly, they may have found a high bacteria count in the urine, but until that count reaches the "magic number'', it is not considered a UTI. --But it could still show a high bacteria count. So, if it were not treated with antibiotics a bit early, like they are doing now, probably, by next week, your kitty WOULD have a pretty severe UTI!
GET WELL VIBES being sent your little kitty's way!
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