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Catnip high

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I ordered some great catnip cushions for my cats. I think they are a big hit

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yep!! They are flying!!!
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I lvoe the way Bullit's eyes look in that last picture!
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They sure like they are enjoying their new cat nip toys!
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Your cats are so gorgeous! I especially love Bullits coloring! WOW!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
I lvoe the way Bullit's eyes look in that last picture!
me too he looks completely out in "kittyspace"
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Looks like they sure do enjoy them!
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Uh, oh! Kitties in "Manic Mode!" Those pillows are pretty popular here, too..
Your babies are beautiful!
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Heehee my cats love their catnip pillows & toys too. I don't know what it is about the pillows though.
Same as the toys except in pillow-form.....

Bullit sure is enthusiastic though isn't he?! Just look at his toesies all spread out in that 1st picture of him!!

They are beautiful cats I LOVE seeing pictures of them, really! Thanks for sharing them!!!! They're so cute. I really just wanna pet them and hug them!
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I absolutley LOVE Bullit's coloring - stunning!
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