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A white man, a black man and a Mexican sit down at a bar. A beautiful
woman walks in and sits down right next to them. The three men begin to
argue over who will approach her first. The woman turns to them and says,
"Listen boys, I'm a woman of culture and which ever one of you who can use
both the words 'liver' and 'cheese' in the same sentence can take me home.
"That's easy," said the white guy. "I like liver and I like cheese." He
gestures for her to come over. "Oh no! That's not good enough" says the
With that, the black man said, "Aww darn it mama, don't be givin' me no liver
and cheese!" He starts walking towards her and she says, "No, no! That
won't do either!"
The Mexican looks at his friends like they're nuts, walks up and puts his
arm around the woman, smiles and says, "Liver alone, cheese mine."
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Nena, That's cute. I believe you have a hispanic heritage, so you don't have to be politically correct, verdad?
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Yes. I am Mexican by birth. But I love both countries!
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That was good.
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Here's a true story from a mammogram technician in El Paso...

A lot of people there are Hispanic, as was the woman at this appointment. She seemed to understand and follow all the directions in English, until the technician said,

"Hold your breath."

The lady responded...

"Both of them???" with a startled expression! Ha!

I work in a Chinese restaurant, and we speak what I call "Chinenglish". It makes for pretty funny conversations. my boyfriend and I have good manners, and always say Bless you when someone sneezes. It was funny, one day one of the cooks, the one with the best English, asked us why we always say Russia when someone sneezes!!! So now Bless You has become very popular. They love learning things in English, especially the otehr 2 who never spoke a word of it until we worked there. They really get a kick out of the whole sneeze-bless you-thank you-you're welcome routine!
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Cute joke.

Alicia that's great that you don't take offense to ethnic jokes. Not that there's anything wrong if you did but it's refreshing to see that. I have a Portugese backround and I can laugh when someone makes a joke about my backround. On the other hand my dad who comes from Portugal does not find it funny in the least and in fact he gets quite angry.

I see it as if you can't laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at?
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I agree, but I do find a difference in what's behind the joke. It's not offensive to me if it just based on differences, like cultural traditions, and finds something funny about what happened. I didn't explain that very well. I am offended by racism, when people make fun of a group and consider that group 'lower' than them. That just didn't make much sense at all.
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Some people are too thin-skinned. I'm from a conservative Southern background (read "redneck") and I hink Jeff Foxworthy is the funniest thing around. I'm, also, blonde (this week). Bill is from Texas and I'm from Arizona so he has to put up with the Dumb Texan jokes. Neither of us takes any of this seriously.
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I used to date a Jewish guy, his whole family collected Jewish jokes and Priest - Minister - Rabbi jokes.

I never told one myself (a shiksa like me has no business doing that!) but I think it was okay for themselves and they probably would have been offended if a non-Jew told them.
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Actually, I got that joke from my uncle who is Mexican! I don't get offended when people post either ethnic or religious jokes. I like to laugh and not to many jokes offend me.
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