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I was just thinking about my poor Aunt's kitty, Nimbus. He is completely blind, losing weight, and just as happy as ever. He's nearing 17 years of age now and has moved with my aunt and her husband many times. Thank goodness the house they live in now is so familiar to Nimbus. He goes outside sometimes and just sits and stares around at nothing. I wonder what he's thinking. He has taken two other kitties "under his wing" and has lost his very best friend, Sophie, a long haired calico. Cirus and Feathers (my aunts other two cats) keep an eye on him and help him around the house. He can find the food dish OK as well as the litter box. He is the most adorable hemilayan point siamese ever! Unfortunately, he can't keep his fur very clean (considering he can't see it) and he hates baths. Is there any other non-very-time-consuming way of keeping him clean without trying to wrestle him into a bath tub he can't even see?
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It is amazing how well blind kitties can get around. He sounds like a sweetie!
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What about those pet wipe things, like baby wipes but for pets?
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I'll move this to Care & Grooming.
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