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Valentine's Day Poll

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Just curious too see who likes V-day, who could care less, and who's opinion depends on if theyre with someone or not!

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I've bought Gil a card, but i don't think we really need a date to show how much you care for each other
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Lee is getting a card aswell. We show eachother how much we lover one another everyday. February 14 is just anothjer day of the year.
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Mark seems to be going through and unromantic phase at the moment so Im not really looking forward to it. Im going to get some stuff for him, but I dont even think he remembers its on Tuesday so I'll see what happens. He's not really into that kind of stuff though, this is only our second V day together and last year neither of us made a fuss.
I do hate being alone on Valentines day though and we are going out for a meal anyway as its his brothers 21st Birthday.
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I have a card for Neil and will pick up some candy but there is so much marketing this day now. Last nights newpaper had stores running Valentines Day sales -they I swear the stores are putting up Valentine merchandise up the day after Christmas. Then the jewelry store ads.......
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I'm sort of anti vday, but I'm a very cynical person. I will still celebrate it w/bf though in a loving way
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Originally Posted by annabelle33
I'm sort of anti vday, but I'm a very cynical person. I will still celebrate it w/bf though in a loving way
I'm sort of anti vday as well. But mine is more because all my other friends had valentines growing up and I didn't. So I don't look at the day as special and I don't like to spend a lot of money towards it. When my BF and I first started dating I learned that he is whole hearted about Valentines Day. However he would have to remind me when the day was coming up (that how little I regarded it). That first year, I still was running to the store (while he was napping) trying to find something for him.
At least now I remember it a week a head of time.

This year though we're going low key by going to a Pistons game.
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my bday is right smack before vday so I never really get anything on vday, even though I almost always have a bf.. But that's not why I don't like it. I don't know why, it's sorta cheesy and unnecessary to me I guess.
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I open this thread and my heart is beating soo fast!

I wonder if Kevin is going to do anything
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Brad and I think of it in a romantic way but as for a special day, no it's just another day really and if we are off together, bonus if not, no biggie. We do get cards to exchange and he gets me something every year but honestly it's not Christmas it's just Valentines day.
My sister's b-day is that day so I send her a card but she doesn't celebrate it anymore then we do. I don't think either of our families celebrate much of anything except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those are the big holidays and family get togethers days.
Even our b-days aren't much of a big thing. Mines New years eve, my sisters is valentines day.
Brads is close to Thanksgiving, so basically all the b-days are just more days of the year in both our families. Sad to think about really .
But Brad and I celebrate our love everyday since we hardly see each other and our time together is precious anymore. So why pick just one day to say I love you when there's 365 of them to say and show that??
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I personally am not a big fan of valentine's day.....I feel like it puts both of us, but especially the guy, under pressure. I don't need a special day, sactioned by Hallmark, to have a nice evening with my boyfriend. We can do that anytime WE choose. I usually don't celebrate valentine's on prinicple, but if he really wants to do something, I tend to suggest we make it another night in the same week, so that it'll be less busy at restaurants and such.
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I chose #4.........................

We were married 41 years ago this past January 16th I got her this fragrance because I'm crazy about my my fragrance from the same house. Also got her a 'sweet' V card and a little, bitty Teddy Bear(NO, not a vermont tb!) that came with my fragrance order.

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In the five years that my boyfriend and I have been dating, we've been in the same town for Valentine's Day twice. And one of those times, he'd just driven from Charleston to Atlanta after 12 hours of duty, so he went right to sleep.

It's not really a big thing for us, because we don't see each other all that often. If I see something funny that he must have, I'll send it to him, but otherwise, we just kinda ignore it.
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I agree we don't need a date to show our love, but I like that it's one more day celebrating the best thing! That is....when I have a man...
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I do like it and I do think that it's a good idea as it makes so many people feel loved and appreciated, but its become way to commercial now.

It's hard to do anything special or unique as everyone else is celebrating it too!

This year i'm single so celebrating it with friends as it does make you feel sad being alone then. (Though each of us have turned down dates to spend the day together as a group ironically!)
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I think some people take the idea of Valentine's Day too far. I don't like that there are people who judge how much they are loved by the gifts they receive. For us it has nothing to do with that at all. We just use it as an excuse to buy each other gifts that we couldn't afford to buy at Christmas because we spent all of our money on other people. He's been wanting his windows tinted for some time now, so I just made him an appointment to have it done for "Valentine's Day"
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Jeff and I have never made a really big deal of Valentine's Day. We usually just eat in as usual...I chose #4
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This is mine and John's first Valentines Day together - I like Valentines Day, only cuz its an excuse for me to make up fun little bags full of goodies for my guys at work.

John said he has something planned - who knows what that will be! I had just planned on taking him out to dinner at Famous Daves - we'll see tho.

I've never really celebrated Valentines Day with my former boyfriend - He was against it 100%
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We make an effort to spend v-day together but don't spend much money on it - just a card (and I tend to make a card for him) and a meal out which this year is our 'eat out' night anyway although given the stupid price increase of a meal we will probably go a different night.

I don't feel we need a day show how much we love each other though. We do stuff for each other all the time and always make a point to spend time together so its not really any different of a day.

IMO its just another chance for commercialisation of our lives - forcing people into shopping etc. Its like the 'top ten xmas presents' this year, not one was under $100... way too commercialised!
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Originally Posted by annabelle33
my bday is right smack before vday so I never really get anything on vday, even though I almost always have a bf.. But that's not why I don't like it. I don't know why, it's sorta cheesy and unnecessary to me I guess.
Same here. My birthday is the week before valentine's day. I don't care for valentines day either. I think it's a worthless holiday.
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I don't think we should need a day set aside to demonstrate our love for each other, and especially I don't think there should be expectations of extravagant gifts attached to it.

We observe Valentines Day, with cards, sometimes mushy, sometimes silly, and I make a nice dinner -- I'm always looking for an excuse to make a nice dinner And that's it. But we're pretty mushy all the time, so there's not much difference from any other day in the year.
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My mums friends bday IS on Valentines day.

One day, the postman delivering her birthday cards knocked on her door, explaining "All these cards, I just had to see what you looked like!'

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Before I met my bf, I used to get pretty sad on Valentine's day cause everyone seemed to get cards and gifts from somebody and I didn't!

Now this year i hope my bf will give something to me or go out with me etc. (in fact I just told him so when he came over to look what I was typing ) so I don't feel so left out again!
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I hated it when I was a teen, but now that I'm married I like it. Good excuse for cards and chocolate!
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I do agree that some people carry V-day too far. I remember being a teen and would wish for a surprise Valentine, alas, it never happened. Now as an adult I could care less about the holiday.
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I love it because it's the only time I EVER get flowers This year we're just getting each other a card as we don't have the money.
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I chose #4. I just started going out with my boyfriend on Tuesday so I'm not too sure what's happening yet.
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