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My parakeets laid an egg!

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Is that common? I doubt it'll hatch, but just in case, does anyone know what I should do with it? We have it in a bowl in their cage with a few rags around it. Are they supposed to sit on it?
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You should leave the egg in the cage, otherwise, she'll keep laying more to replace the 'lost ones' which can lead to calcium deficiency or egg binding.
If you have more than one keet in the cage, take the egg and give it a good shake, or place it in the freezer for 20 minutes, then leave it, exactly as you found it.
Let her lay the rest of her clutch (with you ensuring they won't hatch) and let her sit them until she loses interest.

-edit- They will not usually sit on their eggs until the whole clutch has been laid, usually an egg every other day.
Budgie clutch size is normally 4 eggs
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The birdies were fighting a few days earlier, could this be why?
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That would indeed be why
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How cute! Can you take pics? At the retirement home where dh's grandmother lives they had birds who laid eggs and they hatched. We got to see the babies. It was deffinatley neat! Even if they hadn't hatched, still neat!
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It's very neat, birds won't lay unless they feel safe, well fed and healthy.

My Quaker presents me with eggs twice a year.
Takes her about a week to get tired of sitting on them.
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Here's a pic of the proud parents. (Well, maybe parents)

I'll try to get a picture of the egg sometime, but probably not today. It's getting too dark in my living room. It's just a perfect little white egg.
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That is so sweet - congrats!

I love the picture of your birds.

Keep us posted. Can't wait to see a pic of the egg... it must be tiny!
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awww! soooo cute!!! Please keep us updated!!!
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How exciting, Rachael! Congratulations, little birdie Mom and Dad! Please do keep us updated how their perfect little egg is coming along!
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An egg? You are going to be a Grandmommy? Congrats
It will be fascinating to watch a little baby birdie come into this world.
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Ack, if you let them hatch, I do hope you are planning on keeping them all.
Don't want to be a huge downer, but having worked in bird rescue, I've seen first hand how badly overbred small birds are.
At any given time I was fostering upwards of 60 small birds (parakeets, cockatiels and finches), 90% of them were always parakeets.

The over population is almost as bad as that of cats, dogs and rabbits.
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Are there really thet many? Wow, I didn't know...for better or for worse I asked my mom and she wants it to hatch.
Anyways, here is the little egg, for those who want to see it:
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Oh how sweet.
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Well good for you guys for the commitment

Didn't mean to go off on you, you and parakeet owners like you are not the problem.

And yeah, unfortunately, there are that many.
Almost everyone knows about the pet overpopulation problem where cats and dogs are concerned, sadly, less than 1/4 of the population realizes that the small birds are suffering the same fate.

I have never raised 'keets myself, but I've got some experience with songbirds, so if you ever need anything, just ask.

And for saftey sake, you might look around to see if you can find a local breeder who can show you how to handfeed should anything (God forbid!) go wrong.

Good luck with your budding little family.
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Awww how sweet - Good luck!
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Thanks everyone (and Arlyn for the information)
I'll be doing a little research on how to take care of them. If the baby bird does come, I'll want to be able to make sure it's happy and healthy, and they'll be mine and my family's responsibility.

Edit: Oh, they just layed #2
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About 15 yrs ago we had a pair of finches that laid eggs and they hatched!!
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Thanks for posting the pictures! The birds are beautiful! And the little egg is so sweet!!!
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Aaawww, Rachael, what a precious little egg!
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How neat! None of mine were in cages with the others so they couldn't lay eggs.
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That is wonderful!!, please keep us posted on the egg (I guess eggs) progress!
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Two eggs?
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We read up on the internet, and it said to make a little shoe box with a hole and filled with newspaper and napkins, so now they have something a little more fancy than a tupperware bowl to keep the eggs in.
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You made them a little nest, how perfect!
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Hmm, the birds seem to be spending more time in the nest....
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If they are now sitting, expect the first to hatch in about 18 days
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The yellow bird (assuming the female) spends nearly all her time in the nest box, but takes out the shredded paper. She also squawks at the male if he get in and bugs her, lets him know whos boss. Egg count is three.
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I've raised small birds - parrotlets and finches - fun but not fun Definately overpopulation as stated before. Could you tell us what the nare's (skin around the nostrils) looks like for each? Things I'm looking for are: bluish tinge, tan/brown, crusty looking? I am asking because in breeding season - the normally display a different color, texture and it will let you know if they are a boy or a girl:

Blue tinge: boy
Tan/Brown and possibly crusty: girl

definately make sure you have some calcium or cuttlebone for the little mommy (mommies) to replenish the caclium that they are losing by producing eggs.
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Hmmm.....on the blue bird, the 'nose skin' (can't remember what its called! ) is light blue and tan-ish. I'll have to check the yellow birdie when it comes out of the box.
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