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Stray/feral or skittish pet

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Long time TCS will remember stories about my adopted stray Tommie (R.I.P. 7/2004). It was a week or so later that I thought I saw his twin in my backyard. Had not really seen this cat since but must have been hanging around off and on. Since we got Bobber fixed to unspayed/unneutered cats in our household. But I still see this cat along with a pretty black/white long hair.
This could just be wandering barncats for all I know as I know who has cats within a 1/2 miles radius and these are not anybodies pets.
Tommies twin (or T2) as I have nicknames him seems to come around regularly.
I will put food out for him-I'm assuming male as I have observed him spraying. He seems to come about the same time of day too. When I see him-usually Bobber alerts me as she is growling in the window. He makes a circuit around
the house. I quickly put food out he found it and I watched him eat-he seems to be turning and looking-there is a door there maybe he thought it would open-he has ventured into the garage in the fall. With the layout of our house we have a small family room window at ground level. He will sit in front of this window and stare into the house. Tommie used to do the same thing -its eery!!!!! He will run away if I approach the window so I try to slowly move. He will run if I open a door too. He looks good-no wounds,limping etc.
DH has observed him crossing the road which is a cornfield-that neighbor has a old barn that has openings so if he is a stray he has protected shelter.
So do I continue feeding him?? I don't mind but DH gets upset. I don't have to worry about anyone shooting him!! I have a trap and could try to trap him to get to vet but with winter I would hate to release a cat back to this weather??
Any advice would be appreciated.
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we usually keep cats a couple of days after neutering to watch they are ok.then release them.if youre not sure if he has a shelter,i would make him one in your garden so he has somewhere to go.you could put an old bedsheet in for him,if you want him to get used to you i would make sure it was a used bedsheet with your smell on it.

then see how things go from there...............

more important is having him neutered.

best of luck with this kitty,keep us updatedxxxxxxxx
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Well I didn't see him today yet-I put food out but will pick it up and put it back out tomorrow. We have lots and lots of mature spruce trees which a very large berm is so the areas below the trees are very sheltered but pretty easy for me to make some type of bed and keep food nearby rather than by the house (really only about 30 ft from house). I'll have to stop at my vets and inquire about doing a neuter soon if I trap him. One of the vets likes that I have rescues so I don't think it should be a problem-he might waive his fees and just charge for supplies as he has don this in the past.
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those trees sound like an ideal spot for him,and your vet sounds like a great guy.
and there are afew vets about that would rather help out if they know someone is doing their best to help an animal.

if he is feral he will come and go as he pleases,but when he trusts you he will turn up very regular,and more so when he has been neutered.

who knows, this may be the start of a wonderful friendship
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