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I got mine out when I was 16 because I had gotten braces and the ortho didn't want any chance of those wisdom teeth messing up the rest of my teeth (whch are beyond perfect ) so I had my surgery covered on my parent's insurance- all I remember is when I woke up I was STARVING!!!! I lived on KFC mashed potatoes for a week My ex had to get his out while we were together and I don't rember paying much for his, but he actually had insurance at the time, but i do remember that he had bleeding and it freaked me out- I thought he was going to bleed to death! Sorry bout your ouchies though, I've heard that tooth ache pain can be worse than childbirth! I hope I never have either feel better soon!!
Oohhh...maybe I'll get them pulled so I can eat KFC potatoes for a week - I LOVE THEM!