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Green Paws

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Poor Ginger (my sister's cat), we are painting the kitchen and she decided to step in the paint and track it around the tile floor. It took me and my sister to hold her down, while my mom washed her feet. She is the sweetest cat, never hisses or growls. She growled when we washed her off though. That was ten minutes ago, and she is still licking her little paws. Poor thing...
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You can't blame a kitty for trying to add a purrsonal touch!
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I would think there are many people on this forum who have had the same thing happen to their kitties!!
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Awww .. she was just trying to do some stenciling for you !! Sounds like something my Pooh would do .. she's forever sticking a paw into things she shouldn't
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My parents RB kitty charlie did that about 9 years ago, and to this day there is a trail of barn red kitty prints across the garage floor. It is sweet. I think my parents hope tigger does the same thing some day (although with 24 toes, his prints are extra special)
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loki made pinkish ones for me..when i painted
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You konw I've never had that problem. I did have washable paint that a friend and I used to put on her cat's paws to make a picture to hang on her new bedroom wall. The cat had a fantastic time, but then, Babycham was a bit special like that.....
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