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my cats got Urinary problems

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I noticed my cat sammy making a trip to the litter box every other minute, but nothing was happening... then he just started doing it all over the house sometime leaving a small pool of urine the size of a dime...

took him into the vet, his bladder was swollen.. they gave some meds, but it was'nt enough. Took an Xray, and he has stones. They went in blasted them with ultra sound or something... put a cathater in him and I was suppose to get him back home on Mon. Got a call from the vet on Sat, more xrays show that he has more stones and their too far up in his bladder or something to be reached with teh ultra sound.

They are saying they'll have to do surgery on him at this point, and change his anatomy to that of a femal cat....

I dont have a price for all of this yet, and I really dont want to put him down, cause he's such a good kitty... but I just cant afford toooooo much more.

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I have heard that at times in male cats that this surgery becomes necessary. I have not had any cats that have needed this however. My cats are fed a predominantly wet food diet with lots of water, plus they get tons of exercise in their outdoor enclosure.

Talk to your vet about payment options. See if you can trade labor for bills. I know one gal who put up a horse fence for her vet, when her mare colicked. So really anything is possible.

There are organizations that can help you, but they have criteria in place that you must meet.

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can you tell me more about these organizations... fianaces went from bad to worse for me last week. I came home friday night, and the house had been cleaned out, the wife, well x wife I guess took everything and went back to california... I got served with the papers, and she's demanding 20,000... 2 days later I took the cat in, and I"m not having any more luck with him at the vet either... ne just keeps needing more and more....

if you can tell me where to go to try for these organizations that would be great... i'm gonna need some help.
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I left a link
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Wow, that is just awful. I have heard of that surgery, and it is supposed to be the cure for stones. Poor kitty, I hope you can work something out so he can have the surgery. Have you checked with the vet yet, on a payment plan or trade-off of services?
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sammy goes in for surgery tomorrow... he's got a stone they cant break up, up in his uterous or something... so they're gonna have to go from the other way throu the bladder, and push it out...


I never thought I'd be paying that much for a cat
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stay strong little one

how did the surgery go?
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be strong little sammy i hope everything goes well for you

as far as your finances go, things will improve over time,and when you have got through this sticky patch you will be thinking that was the best 1000 bucks you ever spent because little sammy will be there for you,through thick and thin.

he will never turn his back on you.unlike someone else who you know.

best wishes
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The surgery has been delayed... They did a blood test on sammy today, and he has had/has severe kidney damage.. They are putting a kathader back up in him, and are going to do blood work in 2 more days...

As much as I hate to admit it... I think the end is coming near, and eventually I'll just have to put him down... Hes' such a good kitty too, that's the worst of it... No more pets after this one
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I am so sorry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Sammy.
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Blood results came back today and thing look A LOT better... they are gonna take another test in two more days, and if things are still looking good, then we go back to sammy getting surgery...

He's such a good boy sitting in his cage, with his big collar on so he cant lick anything...

Poor guy is ready to come home I bet... Soon I hope.
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Oh, I hope he continues to improve! Poor Sammy, and poor SOS. Please keep up updated.

As far as never having a pet again, I totally understand. The depth of love between a human and a cat can be so very strong. The pain and fear of possibly losing them is gut wrenching. I pray he heals and comes home to you soon!
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aww i was hoping the next time i checked on sammys progress he would have be on the road to recovery,

i am wishing him {{{{ get well soon vibes}}}}

sos ,i know everything seems up in the air right now,but keep your chin-up ,all of us on here are wishing you both well and thinking about you both
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{{{More prayers & vibes}}} coming Sammy's way! I'm including some for you, too! Sorry that you got served papers - remember that your TCS family is here to support you & the TCS board magic is known to create miracles!!
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Originally Posted by catsknowme
{{{More prayers & vibes}}} coming Sammy's way! I'm including some for you, too! Sorry that you got served papers - remember that your TCS family is here to support you & the TCS board magic is known to create miracles!!
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Sammy PEED!!!

His blood test came back with a huge improvement last week... they were gonna give him some more tests and what not before doing the surgery... They tried the sonic blaster tool a few more times, and on the third attempt they were finally able to break up the really big one, that they were going to have to try and go through the bladder with, and push it out.

Sammy pulled his cathader out again for the second time, but he's peeing on his own, so there gonna just leave it out for now... In a few more days if everything looks good he's gonna lose his boy parts, and get girl parts Sympathy pains for poor sammy on that one...

I should be finding out more in a few more days.

So that's my good news for the day ALSO I have a big deposit going in my checking account for $20,000 UNFORTUNENTLY I have to cut a check for the X in about 5 days.
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awww thats great news sos

well done sammy ..... but you are a naughty boy pulling your catheta out

dont be too down about losing your........ ahem *boy bits* its not at all painful and you will still be li'l 'ol' sammy.and if the boy cats in your neighbourhood call you a girlie.....
you can kick them in their boy bits
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I burried Sammy today under the front window that he always liked to sit at and stare out from
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oh no , sammy seemed to be doing so well,

i am so so sorry to hear such devastating news ,we were all rooting for sammy and praying for him,my heart goes out to you sos i know you must be heartbroken.

rest in peace sammy,
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