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The kitties were confused about the confetti but I don't think that I will ever be able to wipe the smile off of my face after seeing the Kitty Bowl Half Time Show.
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I loved the little gray one!
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Cosy and Eppie could've cared less, but I enjoyed watching it! Thanks for letting us know about that!
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I tivo'd it so I can watch it again
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05

I tivo'd it so I can watch it again
I know! I so wish I had tivo right about now, but it will be on again today, plus I think you can order it so you can have it on tape!
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
Awwwww! But it's back on!! Does she know it?

Gosh that grey one is soooo energetic!
There's a laser pointer too the kittens keep trying to get it

I know I am going crazy over this but who DOESN'T have a soft spot for tons of fluffy kitties running around and playing and stuff?????

We are watching the rerun of it. So very cute! DD is so silly...she said, "Who is watching this?" Although she is enjoying it, she says it looks just like her bedroom every day, with lots of kitty toys, and the cats going nuts!

I wonder why they don't have an orange kitty, or a meezer? They do have a Festie (brown tabby), a Blue (black with blue collar), and a Jasmine (black with no collar)!

I'm not too impressed with the finale...maybe next year they can skip the confetti! LOL!
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I'm SO GLAD they showed it twice! I was out of the house now I am enjoying the puppies! I am starting to want one, though...

I wonder how many "accidents" they had while filming the puppies? I'm sure they had to have a clean-up crew! LOL!
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I love the little black one... so gorgeous. The gray was a riot to watch. I was wondering why no orange fuzzies. But then again, I'm biased.

I want them all... just all so adorable.

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this is just too cute! first time i stumbled onto this, just adorable.

Marsh's watching with intent!!!!
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i shold've tivo'd the whole thing! this is a great idea! i love the kitties! didn't get to see the puppies though.
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It was so cute, the little black and white kitty reminded me of my cat Stinky. Was it just me or did the kitties seem afraid of the confetti at the end, they should have done less of that, but otherwise it was great.
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2nd year watching it, I think it is adorable! I think though next year they should have people tossing some toys around, to make things even more exciting.
post #43 of 59 here's a clip on Animal Planet. Too cute!
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I watched it twice today on the TV. All of the kitties were adorable.:
Thanks for the link. I will send it to friends who missed it on TV.
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My husband is BRIBING me with the Puppy Bowl and Kitty Halftime!!!

Here's what happened...I caught part of the Kitty Halftime show (which ended right before the actual SB halftime show ), which we were both laughing at. After the game, he decided that nothing else was on and ON HIS OWN turned on the Puppy Bowl while I watched Grey's Anatomy. So he sees the ad for the DVD and says "Well, there ya go!", to which I replied, "Um, why don't we just record it and then transfer it to DVD." So he starts to program the DVR, and then says, "On the condition that you buy me a video capture card!" So in order to get the Puppy Bowl and Kitty Halftime, I have to buy a computer part. It's OK, there's other things he wants it for, I just thought it was funny. HE turns it on, and then BRIBES me with it!
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I've caught it twice already and the Puppy Bowl just started once again. Only about an hour until halftime again!!!

I love the black one without the collar. She is just like my Koko when she was young. I'm betting it's a girl and man is she fast and sleek!!

I went to the Animal Planet website looking for bio's on the kittens and they don't have them!! But I did send discovery channel an e-mail asking if they could post that information. If more people do this, they might post their bios!!

The grey one, tuxedo and one of the brown tabbies were boys (I caught them from behind). I'm betting the black with the collar was a boy and the black without a collar is a girl. I'm also guessing the the brown tabbies were littermates as were the tuxie and the black without a collar.
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Did you see that you can vote for the most valuable puppy? Personally, I'm partial to Belle, the shaggy black dog. She's mostly being polite with a little tug of war from time to time, but she looks just like my Spike when he was that age.
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I can't tell from the pictures...which was the little black pup with white toes and a white stripe on his/her chest?
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I checked out the clips at the web site. That was really cute!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I can't tell from the pictures...which was the little black pup with white toes and a white stripe on his/her chest?
I think it was Mickey. If you click on their bios from this page, there is a little better picture of them:
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I think the confetti would have been cuter if it wasnt so much and the kittens werent already tuckered out. They looked like they were going down for nap time and in a sleepy daze saw the stuff falling.

I am a dork. I couldnt make it past the national anthem on the super bowl, but the puppy bowl I watched it all!
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Man that was too cute! Thanks for the link. My husband & I watched the clips, and he agreed that he'd rather watch that than the Superbowl!
Gotta convince him that we need to get Animal Planet now....
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I watched a little of it before I went to work. When I came home I talked my husband into letting me watch the kitty half time show, which was way better He couldn't stand it though and thought it was pretty stupid. We ended up watching "Meet Joe Black" instead.
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I think I got in on the end last year. Those pups were tired out! They were all falling asleep.
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I missed most of the Puppy Bowl, but saw the majority of the Kitty Half Time. The little gray kitty was SO CUTE and SO PLAYFUL! I loved it! Plus the other two that looked like brothers/sisters, I loved how they kept picking on each other.

I missed the laser light show at the end, but BF said that it was pretty funny.
Which BTW, really floors me. BF turned on the Puppy Bowl on HIS OWN! I never even said I wanted to watch it.
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Well at the end was the confetti. There wasn't really a laser light show, just a couple little laser pointers that the kitties went for! It WAS cute.

I think they should have a Kitty Bowl!!
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Oh my that sounds super-cute! I can't believe I missed it......
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My cats gave it two paws up. Habenaro requested new feather toys and Tigger wants a Laser pointer for his birthday.

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I Love Puppy Bowl!!!!!!
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