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Oh my gosh!!!!! Please stay safe Eddie, Hissy and anyone else who might be in the path of that really looks bad.

BTW, the weather you guys get out there on the west coast often eventually effects us here in the midwest too. All I can say about that is YIKES!!!!!
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We lost a lot of little limbs and bits and pieces from our trees, and lost power for about 3 hours this morning. We are lucky. Along the penisula there were more trees down damage as I understand it, some roads closed and over 100,000 folks without power still in various counties, with some being told no power perhaps for several days. I *think* Eddie lives in one of the areas with an outage still going on, not sure. I know she will post once she can...and hope to hear from other WA state members.

I'm near Tacoma.
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We have a few trees down back by the creek, but they are young trees right on the bank. We have limbs down in the yard, and some shingles off the side of the house are gone- but other than that we did good-
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Glad to see that you checked in Pat and MA and are through the other side of this thing. Hoping to hear from Eddie soon now
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whew...I'm glad it wasn't worse than ya'll got. I hope everyone else stayed safe too. And I hope everyone who is without power gets theirs back soon!
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Our power just now came back on. My wife had a doctor appointment this morning. You should have seen her putting on makeup by the light of an oil lamp! The yard looks okay, no trees down. Cable is still out, though. GAWD, I HOPE THEY FIX IT BEFORE TOMORROW!!!
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It is now hailing something fierce
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Crawling out from under the porch..... here we are....

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Holy smokes E! Looks like our place a few years ago. How are the animals?
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Wow, I'm glad you're okay.
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I'm glad you are all OK! The pictures - WOW! . Is that your front yard with the tree down?
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Originally Posted by hissy
Holy smokes E! Looks like our place a few years ago. How are the animals?

Little Saba was oblivious (maybe because she was rescued from the wild last winter and knows hardship in her life); Sasha hid under the bed, on top of the heater vent ; and Sandy puppy girl barked at the "thunderdogs" in the sky. We're all ok. The tree down is across the street, but that is our backyard where you cannot even see a blade of grass! Nothing fell on the house, but we have two large lumbs through the roof, just a puncture wound.
Winds were clocked at 84 gusting.

Where's Leah?? Fran?? MA, I'm glad your barn didn't blow over! There are two kitties missing on our street....I'm going out to look now.....
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I'm here, E. We really weren't hit, to speak of. Lots of rain, and we've still got wind warnings, but really Mother Nature was just doing her pruning here. The storm didn't really come through, just rubbed us with the edges. Thanks for your concern.

I'm glad everyone seems to be OK and the damage not too serious.
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I'm glad to hear that everyone made it out ok. Wow, Eddie those pics are really something!
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Wow!, that's quite a bit of damage!
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Glad you're okay Elisabeth. Nice of your neighbor to share his tree with HIS neighbors! Looks like you got it worse than we did. Hope you find the lost kitties.
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Very cool, nothing like a good bad storm. (Yes, I love severe weather) Glad to hear everyone is ok.
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Power's back on! YAHOO! What a boring day it is when the only thing you can do is........nothing. We have alot of debris around but nothing like what Eddie endured. Now it's time for cleanup and the Superbowl. Go Seahawks!
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Our cable finally came back on this morning. WHEW!!!!!
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Ya'll just crack me up. The only thing you can think of is football!
It took 30 years from the 'Hawks to make it to the Superbowl and then nobody can even watch it!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha.
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Your yard looks like mine did when we had that wind shear back in September!!
Good to read all safe and sound!!! A meterologist from UW-Madison on public radio last week said that the midwest is not affected by La Nina weather patterns-only El Nino. But there is snow predicted on Thursday and wind also oh yeah!!!!
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