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Hello I've got the day managing shift at work now, and working 10 hours a day, sometimes more, I just don't play online like I was before.

I hope everyone is doing well. Our house has changed a little. My brother in law got rear-ended in November. He and his daughter (My niece who finally got to move here with us *well... her father*) were okay, bruised ribs and such. At 12, that was the first accident she was in, so she was really scared.

Since they were out of a vehicle all of a sudden, they went to stay at my inlaws. At thanksgiving dinner I found out they had moved. So I packed up their stuff, and got it ready for them to pick up (save time, since he was getting rides on other people's time).

Well.. we were suddenly in need of a new roomie... Who to choose, who to trust... who could we be around for long periods of time without killing them....

Well, we talked it over, and our friend Shazbot (Some of you may remember him, he addopted 2 of my babies that we fostered, and my girl MyRage raised them) was living with his mom. We talked to him, he moved in... so..... the family is all together again...

It's good and sometimes insain. We now have 6 felines living here. Mystyc goes outside (she thinks she is human, and ruler of the world). MyRage took a little while to get used to her babies being around. NyghtShade loved it. Well... the sharing her toys was a little hard for her to get, but she's over that now. Myth, she is still the same girl she always was. She is more friendly, and comes out when we have company.

Maid Merrion, and Lord Pippin.... Merri n Pippin, the super bratz. Yeah, the like it, up and down the hall. Up on the chairs, jumping from this chair to the other, Shade loves that game that they showed her. Yay!! A house full of trouble!! We now have 7 pottyboxes around the house, with 2 people on full time pottybox duty. As well as more food and water dishes, and more people keeping them fed and watered. The addition of 2 more cats has actually lessened my load a little. Pippin is huge! Merri is so sweet. They squeek out Meows rather then actually saying Meow! I love them
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Hi Tia! It's good to see you! Glad to hear everything is going well for you.
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Hi, I don't know you, but your house sounds like so much fun!!
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Hey, I remember you!
Welcome back to TCS
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