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Finished my project last night

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Hubby made the breadbox and I painted it to go with the pattern of my kitchenware......

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Wow Hissy! That is gorgeous. I have a friend with a cow kitchen who would just love something like that.
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That's beautiful! Mike is very handy. Where's the cats in the deco
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I have cows in my kitchen! Ok, I have cats too, but they usually aren't stationary, except when they are eating!.........LOL
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Ooooooh very nice. This girl I work with would love that. She loves anything to do with cows. You and your husband both are very talented.
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Oh, that is so cute!
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Wow, you did a fabulous job! It looks great. You should be very proud.
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You're talented! Bodlover is an artist too. I like to paint, but I can't do animals or people. I do only landscapes and flowers. They're the easiest when a person can't draw well. I still have to be very precise about every stroke, because I don't have natural talent. I just love to make beautiful things. By the way, I always painted in oils, which are easy to blend. I think the fumes would be bad for me, and I'm having a problem with blending acrylics--even with the extender. Any hints? I'd like to do canvases as well as craft painting.
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Well, I don't know much about this, but I used oils when I was very young and these days I use almost entirely acrylics. What I noticed is, oils you blend on the canvas, but acrylics I have to blend on the palette. If that helps you at all . . .
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Oh Hissy, that is beautiful! I wish I was that talented!
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Thank you everyone! To me, my cows look loaded! Not contented! LOL
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Hahaha! What kind of grass were they nipping on?? It really doesn't look that way to me, though, if you hadn't of said it, I never would of thought it!
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Hissy!! Thats fantastic!! - Its just likesomething you'd buy in a cool shop!! Love it!! I can't draw/paint animals at all.... I soooo suck!! :LOL:
(Jeanie, a tip for blending acrylics - use a watercolor blending stick, its basically a paintbrush but the head is spongey instead of bristles... I love them!! hahaha)
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A watercolor blending stick? Are you kidding? If acrylics are for the talented, watercolors are for geniuses!! Hissy, do I need translation for this, or are they called the same thing here? (Unfortunately, Rhea doesn't speak the language well. She thinks a semi is a house, rather than a truck, and she wears bonnets on her car hood. Don't tell her I said this, because she's very sensitive.)
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It is called a blending stick. Any good art supply store will have one. Blend your acrylics before you put them on, they dry so much faster than oil, that this is the only way to do it.
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That is fantastic! Both you and Mike are very talented! I can draw really nice stick people! LOL
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:LOL: Ady, I bet your stick people would go really well my stick animals!!
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Rhea, you big fibber, you know you are an artist! I'm still waiting for you to e-mail pictures of your art. Ady, I can't draw either; you don't have to have talent to do landscapes with oil, and it's very rewarding. I learned by watching public t.v., and some of my paintings have been auctioned for charity. The world doesn't believe it's possible to produce a decent landscape (to the untrained eye)without talent, so people think I'm good. Artists know better. They're polite about it, though. You can do it! It's a wonderful hobby. p.s. Get odorless paint thinner, but expect a headache anyhow! It's worth it.
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Originally posted by BodLover
:LOL: Ady, I bet your stick people would go really well my stick animals!!
I thnk some of my stick people may look like stick animals. Fortunately I am "crafty" in other things like making wreaths! Although cats and hot glue guns don't mix well.
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Wow Hissy! Thats gorgeous! I wish I was that talented. I can't draw or paint worth a darn.
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