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Snoring Cat

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I have an 8 month old kitten who sounds as if he snores when sleeping. Or, my fear is, maybe he can't breathe through his nose very well. He has a small adorable face, and not sure if his nostrils are too narrow or if he is really snoring. I noticed it when I adopted him a few months, after I got home. In the meantime, he's been to the vet to get checked out and get fixed. The vet didn't mention it and I forgot to.
Can cats snore? Should this be investigated by the vet?
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Yes, cats do snore. I think as long as his sleep isn't being disturbed by a difficulty breathing, then it's nothing to worry about.
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Wow, I dont know if that is a prob.
I lived with a cat, who is 16 now, who snored more loudly when a drunk linebacker - so bad it kept me up!

Anyway, it was when he was sleeping deeply and he never seemed to have a problem with it....'cause, well, how can you tell if a cat is sleeping too much? He's supposed to sleep a lot! He's a cat!
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My cat snores, too....He's a large cat which adds to the problem so he snores and wheezes everytime he falls asleep. On New Year's Eve he slept in the bedroom (the fireworks scared him) and he snored so loud that he woke my bf up!!!! So that's definitely not unknown amongst cats
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Boy, am I glad to know that I wasn't going out of my mind!
I wasn't sure if I was only hearing things .. since no one else was usually around to hear my little one snore.
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I was concerned with Stevie snoring so thank you for this thread. I feel much better about my loud sleeper now!
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no worries. cats snore...in fact

Ares, Lily, Maia, Lace, and once in a while Lyla..all snore in my house
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My Gracie snores too!
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Rowan sometimes snores a bit. I make him roll over and we all go back to sleep.

It works with any man.
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