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I'm new here

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I have 1 cat. Her name is Casper. She is almost 15. She has what looks like warts on her back. I am planning on taking her to the vet soon, but wondered if anyone else has had a cat with warts?
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Warts are caused by a virus and there are no real known cures for them. I know that they can be surgically removed if they bother the cat, but sometimes will grow back. Are they bleeding? Your visit to the vet is wise, because he can look at them and determine what they are. I have rarely heard of warts on cats, mostly dogs and horses in my experience have gotten warts. But usually, they are nothing to worry about, they just look ugly. Good luck and welcome to a good board of cat lovers and nice people!

Here is a link off of a good page for you. Hope it helps!

Warts on pets
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Hello Lydia!! I'm sure you'll like it here since everyone is so friendly and helpful as you already know from Hissy's post.

We all look forward to reading your posts and maybe we'll get to see some pictures of Casper??
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Thanks for the information. It was helpful.
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Hi, Lydia. Welcome! We'll look forward to reading your posts, and finding out if your cat is ok. After 15 years, that kitty is a family member, not a pet.
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Hi there! I am new here as well! No I have never had a cat with warts... Sorry! I have dealt with cats that have acne though!
Hello everyone, my name is Amy and I am the proud owner of 6 cats.
First there is Zoe, she is female. She is going to be 5 in June! She is a domestic shorthair... She is grey and white and a total daddy's girl...Her and my boyfriend are inseperable! I got her from my boyfriend Aunt's cat. She got a little sneaky and got outside and came back with a little more than she left with LOL! And that is how I ended up with Zoe! Then there is Abigail(Abby for short)!She is female! She turned 4 in February! . She is a domestic medium hair mixed calico... I received Abby through a friend who's cat had a litter... She is a great girl.. Very affectionate.. And loving! I think she might have been a dog in a former life because she likes to play fetch with her toy mice I buy from the local pet store... Then there's Shelby my third girl... She is Zoe's half sister! Same mom different dad... Different litter! She got out again! Shelby is going to be 4 at the end of this month.. She is a beautiful domestic shorthair. She is unique in color some people tell me she is tortise colored but I really am not sure... She definately is unique though.. She won't hesitate to speak her mind! She is a total momma's girl! She is my sidekick wherever I go! Then there's my boys! First there is Osgood! He will be 2 in July! He is a long hair black and white cat! Not sure what breed he is mixed with although he is rather large and has a maine coon look to him... He is my baby! I love him to death. His goal in life is to please! He will keep you entertained when you are bored and he will comfort you when ever you are sad.. He is my one of a kind treasure... I got him through a friend... Then there's my boy Ernie, he is going to be a year old in May! He is still a baby! So he is going through his baby stages of being the house terror! But he seems to be calming down and he loves to sit on my lap while I'm sitting at the computer. He is my computer buddy! He is a medium hair black and white cat as well... My uncle found him along with three other kittens in a box behind his work... They were left for dead... But we brought them home and took them to the vet and got them on the right path and they are a joy to my family! A family friend got one. My sister kept one. My cousin kept one, and of course I kept one, thats how I got Ernie.... Now my last boy I just found 2 days ago... He is about 5 weeks old... I am not sure.. I was hearing kitten noised for a few days ... And I looked under my house and sure enough there were two kittens just sitting there... I guess the momma had crawled through a crawl space in my back porch and had these babies... My sister took the other one and I got the one I am now calling Oliver! He is so affectionate... He is all black but with some dark grey tabby stripes going all through his body... And a little patch of white on his tummy! I've only had him for a few days and I love him already! He will be visiting my vet soon... So that we can know for sure how old exactly they are! And that is my animal family! Thanks for listening!
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Hi, Amy! It sounds as though you'll have some good stories to tell us. That little girl of yours who keeps getting out better get started on the pill! Seriously, there are clinics which will give you a good price for spaying and neutering. Your kittens were lucky to find you!
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All my cats are spayed except for the new boy I just got... The cat that was getting pregnant was the momma to two of my cats... She is my boyfriends aunt's cat... And she has since passed away to illness... I guess I worded it wrong... No I am a responsible owner and I do get my pets their regular shots and spayed and neutered... Sorry for the confusion...
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Don't feel bad; I had a tom cat break in the house to get to a female who had not yet been spayed! We live and learn, but finances always play a part in the timing--at least for me they do!
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I dont feel bad! None of the cats I have ever owned have ever gotten pregnant... I just seem to get the end result through friends and family...The kittens LOL!
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I never thought it would happen to me! I still don't know how that Tom got in! My cats couldn't get out. Perhaps a basement window was open a crack, and a tom can be very persistent. She was spayed after having two kittens. I guess the time we caught him is the only time he got in. That was so many years ago. Please excuse the misunderstanding.
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Hey thats ok! I just wanted to clear things up because i goofed in how I worded the first greeting... I completely understand about tom cats and their ways... You can't change a zebra's stripes and mating is natural thing for all the animals in the world...And if their bound and determined to get out or bring a friend in your home its gonna happen no matter what.... I hope we can be friends!
Have a great day!
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t first I thought she had been abandoned but it turns out neighbor had a bunch of cats and dogs and this one had "territory issues" and wanted out. My neighbor was moving soon and said 'take her". Boy, am I glad I did!

I had no idea cats were such intelligent, communicative and affectionate animals. She has become my best buddy. I garden a lot and she is right there with me, planting, watering ... she doesn't even care if she gets wet. We walk together and she "heels" almost like a trained dog would. She sleeps in my bed. Wakes me at approximately the right time evry morning. She is just about perfect except for one habit I guess I'll nver be able to change ... She is a super hunter. She kills birds every once in a while, even humming birds ...sad! She catches lizards all the time. I didn't even know we had many lizards in Southern Californis where I live but she (name, Molly) Molly brings two or three live, barely injured lizards into my house ever day. Some of them bite when you rescue them too. Yesterday she brought in two at one time. She had two feisty lizards in her mouth at once. I wonder how she did that?!

Molly was a semi outside cat when I "met" her. She spends the day in my yard, garden and patio and comes in the house with me when I return from work. It would be sad to inprison her in the house all the time so I gues until California runs out of lizards I'll have a problem!
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Hi, Mark. We're happy to have you with us too. I'm glad you've been converted to a cat admirer! Well, at least she's not bringing in snakes! By the way, people won't know you're here unless you post a new thread. They will think they are talking to halfpint! Say hi to everyone on a new thread, ok?
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Glad to have you with us I am fairly new as well! I wish I could let my cats enjoy the outdoors... But the neighboorhood I live in would be to dangerious and I would end up loosing one of my beloved pets to being scared off or hit by a passing vehicle... It is great that your cat is as well trained as she is... Thats a great quality in a cat... Remember were their person, they are very indepentant animals.... Since I have 6 cats.... And I am unable to let them roam the outdoors I have a window perch in almost every window so that they can watch the birds and other critters outside... And they have 1 bedroom to share where I have cat towers and tunnels and all their toys... so that they can get the exercise they need ... It was great hearing from you and welcome to the group.... Amy
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My cat does seem to be much more "obediant" .. like a dog would be. We take her in at night. She spends the day mostly on our patio and in the backyard but she can and does get over the fence ocasionally. At night we have coyotes roaming around and they eat cats so Molly spends the evening inside. Last night she was "playing" with the cat next door. They were yowelling at each other which I guess is how cats play. I called Molly and at first she didn't want to leave her game but after a few calls she turned around and trotted inside.

I can also tap an area and Molly will jump up and go where I tap. I tap the fence and she jumps on the fence. I tap a tree and she climbs the tree. I can't take credit for the training as we got Molly as an adult but I didn't think cats would listen like that. She did catch another lizard and brought it home yesterday. If she would only listen to me and give up lizards! I was going to get a cat door but now my wife says "no way". She's afraid we'd end up with a house full of lizards.
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The warts that I said my cat has are not warts. They are tumors and Casper has 6. She will be having them cut off. Once your cat gets tumors, they are prone to keep getting them. At 15, she is in execellent health otherwise. She will look very bad after her surgery on Tuesday because she will be shaved in 6 places on her back and stitched up. She will also be getting coat conditioner because her fur looks ratty on her back. She can't clean her back too well because she is heavy. 19 lbs!
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Welcome Lydia, Mark and Amy! Its always glad to see new faces.
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I love my cat Casper very much, but $500.00 to scrape off 6 little tumors is BS. OK, the vet also cleaned her teeth. He told me that none of her teeth fell out. I wasn't aware that it was a possibility! Poor Casper, she is still groggy 2 days after her vet visit. She screams nonstop when she is in her cage. She was trying to rip the cage apart and the stress of the whole ordeal was very hard on her at 15 years old.
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Lydia, That is upsetting! I would have to take that amount out of my savings, and a person can't keep doing that! Did your vet have permission for all the procedures and did he or she explain the costs? I had that $ problem, but it was with unauthorized tests. I argued my case and won. I can't afford unauthorized procedures, especially if they are unnecessary. Otherwise, I'll do whatever I can for my pets.
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I am very sorry to hear that Casper had to go through an ordeal like that! I hope everything gets better... Casper and you are in my prayers... I was wondering! Do you think I could have had a case against a certain vet.. About a year ago I took my 4 year old female and my one year old male in to get spayed and neutered... The vet asked if these cats live together and I said yes... I even said call me if there are any problems...
I went the next day to pick them both up... They were fine.. And the vet popped up and said.. Oh the female one was pregnant.... So we charged you an extra 15.00 to you bill for the disposal and special medicine she had to be administered... I was horified... I never wanted any harm to come to any unborn kittens... Knowing these cats lived together and that there was a chance that the female one might be pregnant... Shouldn't he have called me before he went through with the surgery... So that I could have decided what actions to take... I was horrified! Some people tell me there probably no sign of pregnancy to the vet until he was already in the middle of the procedure... And then there are others who tell me that they can tell very early on through a procedure.... I don't know! All I know is that I handed my beloved pets over to a vet that I trusted..... And then this happens... I have since changed vets... And am much happier with my new vet...

Please let me know your opinions??

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Welcome to the site TLEA! Sounds like you have a full house. Good for you that you rescued all those little angels! We need more people like you in the world!
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HI!!! Thanks so much,.I do so love all of my babies,.there is something very special about ones that have been "orphaned",or something,.they make such wonderful loving pets,.don't they????
Thanks again,
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