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Hi, my name is Anna, and I work at the Associated Humane Society as a vet tech. I think I want to vent a little about my job, if you all don't mind. The first thing I want to say is that most of the human race is pretty evil. I see such horrible cases of abuse everyday. It seems to be mostly cats, but that’s probably because there are sooooo many of them. The other day I got a kitten in the hospital because somebody decided to cut off her ears and tail with scissors. Her back leg was also broken, probably because she was trying to defend herself. And after all that, she is THE sweetest kitten in the hospital room. As a vet tech, I work in the hospital part of the shelter, and we are a private practice, but we give the money we make to the shelter. Now what goes on in the shelter is the most horrible. Most of the people working there don’t care an ounce about the animals. One of the shelter vet techs, I swear, gets off to euthanizing animals. If a cat gets an upper respiratory infection (which happens a lot in a shelter), they rather put the kitten/cat to sleep because it might be too much work to give them antibiotics twice a day. The many, many times I or other hospital staff tried to intervene, we got in trouble, and our manager told us he's rather not have us down there at all. There are 5 cat rooms in the shelter. The first two rooms are adoption rooms, the other three we call the "death rooms", cause 90% of the time the cats do not leave those rooms, dyeing from either sickness, or euthanasia due to sickness. But, there is also good at the "humane" society. The few people who truly care about the animals give their all to save them. And when we get those cases where we fought for the kitty that was thrown out of a 15 story and the kitty goes to a good home, all the stress and pain was worth it. I love my job more than anything, even though it is so stressful, because I am helping the animals that need it most.Anyways, thank you for letting me vent. After a long day at the shelter, it made me feel much better.
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What constant heartache you must feel. Console yourself in the fact that you are doing the very best you can for these animals. It's obvious that you care very much. I hope that the difficulties of the job don't ever burn you out on it, because those animals need someone like you in there. Thank you for all you do for them.
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Poor kitties.. I can't stand people that do stupid things like that to cats. At least there are some people, like you, who do try to help them out.
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My heart aches to hear stories like yours. I've thought about volunteering at our local Humane Society but I'm afraid my heart would be broken.
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OMG, cut off her ears and tail with a scissors.... OMG......I would adopt her in a second....Karma will get that sick freak...
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I'm glad you are there to help as much as you are able. In my county, the rescues are pushing hard to correct the problems at animal control. They have had some success, so it is possible. Hopefully, in time,your HS will improve, too.
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That is sad about the other employees at the HS.
There's one important thing to remember in these situations.
When I was first training to be a lifeguard/swim coach, part of our training was to know signs to look for potential child molesters. We were given a map of registered sex offenders so we could see how many lived around the pools we would be working and we were told about some known people and their behaviors. Then we were asked to come up with a list of people who we can keep a closer eye on (ie: 18 yr old male who always makes a point to make friends with and play with young children he doesn't know). The one thing we all missed was the fact that we ourselves were prime candidates for child molesters as our jobs gave us frequent contact with young children, often away from the supervision of their parents. It was shocking and disturbing, but it also made perfect sense.
The same holds true for animal shelters and rescues and is probably why volunteers are screened. What better way to have access to potential animal victims than volunteering at a busy shelter?
I'm def. not saying that the people you work with are horrible animal abusers, but it's something to think about. Especially with the one shelter vet tech you mentioned.
You're very strong for standing up for those animals even when others won't. and I'm glad to hear that you are able to make such a difference in some of their lives.

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I volunteer at our local SPCA and have for many years of many different administrations at this location and a couple in SC. I hope to retire from my current career into being on the board at this shelter. I am not your “typical†volunteer. I am more of a “free employee†Anyway…

I can completely understand your frustration. I hope that your enthusiasm and compassion do not diminish over time.
If the shelter does have an issue with cruelty; You can do something about it. Report those people by contacting http://www.americanhumane.org/site/P...=wh_contact_us
as well as your local authorities and extreme case, your local paper.

Not in defense of these people you mention, but people sometimes develop sadist tendencies to cope with euthanizing an animal. It is so very hard to kill an innocent animal. Euthanization is nothing like "hunting or fishing" Euthanization of cats or dogs, impact a person in a very deep emotional way, even subconsciencly as we have all had pets as children.
It usually starts as joking (bad jokes, sick websites, etc) but can devolve into complete indifference and physical acts of cruelty to those animals.
Do not take your feelings and observations for granted. If you feel that there is something amiss, do something.
Depending on the state you live/work in, a licensed vet tech is required for euthanization. If the “sadist†you mention is also licensed, you can still contact the state or the SPCA direct with your concerns.
Some ideas I have to offer from my experience with SPCA bureaucracy.

I silently documented how many cats and dogs were being euthanized due to illnesses such as those you mention.
I documented how many man hours were scheduled for the persons and their functions during a normal week from the schedule in the break room.
And how much food was brought in as donation vs that which was purchased.
I presented those findings to a very shocked Director in defense of my opinions that animals were being needlessly “killed†under the argument of “not enough fundingâ€.
I even presented costs of prescriptions from my local vet (who is now on the board of directors) in comparison.
All that from my time spent volunteering, Imagine what you can do, being a direct employee.
However, I did have the benefit of having a job outside of the SPCA so I could not judge you on what you do.

I know you will realize that jobs are scarce and sometimes administrations cut costs to keep people employed. This sounds like a little is going on at your place. However, those “costs†should not be animals lives. And people with sadistic tendencies have NO place in any shelter.

Your job is so very important. Being the tech, you are usually the last hope for a sad desperate animal hoping to live long enough to find a loving home.
You are going to see first hand the complete horror of what humans are capable of, but you will also see some of the most rewarding and compassionate experiences of your life.
THANK YOU so very much for all that you do.
I know you will find the right thing to do.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
My heart aches to hear stories like yours. I've thought about volunteering at our local Humane Society but I'm afraid my heart would be broken.
Do it. You wont regret it.
I do not know specifically about the SPCA's around the GTA, but i know that our sisters in NF ONT are a great bunch of people.
Come to think of it, i do not think i have ever met anyone from Canada that I didnt like.
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Originally Posted by Middletown
Do it. You wont regret it.
I do not know specifically about the SPCA's around the GTA, but i know that our sisters in NF ONT are a great bunch of people.
Come to think of it, i do not think i have ever met anyone from Canada that I didnt like.
Thank you. There is a Humane Society in Guelph which is only about 15 - 20 minutes from me. I'll really have to think about it because I love animals so much I cannot bear to see them hurt or suffering.
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Most volenteers will not be "privy" to the harsh realities of some of the rescues. Sick animals are always kept isolated and away. New surrenders are almost always kept separate too. so the risk of seeing the results of cruelty or indifference are low.

Most volenteers start with spending time with the cats, giving them lovins, playing with them and sometimes cleaning their cages and feeding. That is so VERY rewarding. God knows no love greater than that of someone making sacrifices of themsleves or their time for someone or something less fortunate.
Those cats deserve soooooo much and it is so hard to give all you have to everyone of them, but you do touch their lives. they do get to know you. You will be their inspiriation for hope and love. You are making the cat more attractive for a loving home by giving that intimate contact insted of it just existing in a cage.
A cat in a cage with nothing/noone to occupy its mind/heart will die of lonliness.

The hardest thing for most people (including me) is leaving those little whiskered noses behind when its time to go. But the greatest JOY is when you go back the next day and those little noses are there happily waiting for you and you can hear their purrs long before you even get close to the cage to let them out.
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