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Help me identify this breed please?

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This is really not a big deal - it's more of a knowledge thing because everytime I take my cat to the vet, or elsewhere, or get visitors that know cats they always say...."What a pretty cat. Isn't that a "Blank"? (insert breed here). As I said, it's not a big deal, just figured it would be nice to answer the question.
She's a rescue cat, that's all I take in, but she definitely has grown to show some markings of a particular breed, but I"m not sure what. I think it might be Ragdoll?? but I've hear Rags are big kitties and she's a measly 9lbs and very tiny. I also here they are a bit shy and she is a little hellion and my alpha kitty.
Thing is - the shelter knew her mother was a gray tabby for sure, (maybe that's where her size came from), but didn't know who the father was. Both brothers were gray tabby, but she looks like this:
The markings on her feet I've seen on another breed I think:

Her tail has gotten massively fluffy:

Her face and ears were not this dark when she was little, but have gotten progressively darker:

And her eyes have gotten bluer (almost purplish at times?):

As I said, it's not a big deal, moreso just knowledge and maybe I"m way off here. Maybe the markings aren't typical of a "breed", but just of a certain coloring on any breed. Beats me. Mine are all "mutts"...haha.
Anyways - thanks for any help!
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the long fluffy tale, and markings make me guess that this could be a Ragdoll. She is a bit small for a female Ragdoll though. But it is just a wild guess. She is quite a beauty, have fun with her!
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She has Himilayan markings, but not fluffy as full blooded.
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She looks a lot like my mom's ragdoll.
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Mitted Ragdoll?
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*laugh* She looks like a fluffy siamese to me. Her markings are exactly the same as my mom's cat. Beautiful kitty.

You could make up some exotic sounding name to tell folks when they ask. (I have a lot of fun with this...)
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I have a kitten, that looks kind of like yours. But ours is a Himalayan(at least that's what the vet put him down as). So that's my input on that. Otherwise, like all kitties, without papers, I would say a domestic long hair??
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At any rate, she is beautiful!

what wonderful colors. I love the deep brown on her face.
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damn you guys are quick! I just posted this. Good to know I"m not the only one just hanging around here looking for new posts....LOL
Thanks for the help. Still a little confusing. I've heard Ragdoll the most, but I've also heard Himmie. The siamese - I agree with - she gets this slanty little eye thing a lot.
Anyways - maybe I'll just answer people with - she's a new breed - it's called "The Little Sh*t" breed . Cause she is!!!! Holy freaking terror!!!
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She looks like a Ragdoll

Beautiful cat...I'd love to come across a colorpoint cat someday. They are stunning
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well, she could be a rag doll or a himmie, but w/out papers you don't know. Maybe one of her parents was an siamese or something. But she looks beauteeful anyway!!
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Colorpoints and white feet are the trademark of Birmans...but since you know her mom is a tabby, I think its really unlikely that Birman coloring would show through from dad. If her coat doesn't mat and feels like rabbit-fur its a little more likely. However, she's about the right size for a female Birman, so who knows? She definately is a pretty one!
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Her coat is just like rabbit fur. It's the softest thing I've ever felt.
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Maybe you can see the white on their feet in this picture...

Of course, without papers you can't officially call her any breed, but she certainly does look very similar to a Birman, though I think she's got a little too much white on her back feet.
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Thanks so much for all your help! I wouldn't call her any full bred - she's just another lovable family "mutt"...hehe. Was just curious.
BTW Sandtigress - your babys are beautiful! You can tell the've got soft rabbit fur just from that picture. They "look" soft. Isn't it the greatest? I love petting my baby. Unfortunately she's not a snuggler
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Aw, thanks! They know they're beautiful too. Mine will snuggle, but aren't lapcats. And they're laid-back enough that when I want a hug, I take it and they just live with it. But yes, everyone thinks I spend hours and hours brushing their fur, and its no maintenance at all!
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Mine too - definitely not a lap cat. Will tolerate my hugs and snuggles to a point, but makes an awful face in the process like "just put me down damnit"...LOL.
I would imagine with their fur - if it's like my little ones, being so soft, it really can't tangle. It just kinda slides into place all the time. I even rough her up a bit from time to time and no knots. But my shorthaired old lady I get big knots all the time that need to be cut off. Go figure.
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Lovely lovely kitty ... domestic long hair birman look alike
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Originally Posted by sharky
Lovely lovely kitty ... domestic long hair birman look alike
Haha, I like it.

But yes, I run their fur the wrong way all the time to try and pick on them, and it all just goes back into place a few minutes later. I love it, its the perfect coat-type for a busy college student, and feels so good besides! I'm glad they're tolerant enough to let me bury my fingers and face into their fur and use them as "pillows".
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I'd guess birman too, but that's definately an uneducated guess. Its just that I am in your same boat. I adopted a kittie from a shelter that looks just like yours only her points are more of a charcoal/dk. brown. Her 4 feet aren't all white (I think that's a breed standard), but she has white toes in front. she's small (6-7 pds full grown), and her hair is rabbit soft and doesn't mat. How funny we both have shelter kitties that are gorgeous. The lady who runs the shelter suggested her since she's so good with kids. (She thought she was a ragdoll, but I think she's too small for that.) I thought she was "too pretty" to join our clan but after several visits and 100+ kitties to choose from, Gidget came home. She's tough and fits in well with my ex-show cat Siamese that I got from a breeder (sort a rescue in my book since he couldn't show anymore and couldn't breed). One short and fluffy, one tall and skinny. (Some chatters here know of Hootie. He had a horrible bout of depression after a stray we took in had to be put down. I almost lost Hootie. He's fine now - Gidget's new and makes him happy.)
Anyway, we research breeds since my 5 year old daughter wants to put a breed with the face. I'm fine with your "Little Sh#!" breed, but my daughter needs something more appropriate to tell her friends! ha ha The closest I come up with is Birman.
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I forgot to ask if she has little tufts of hair between her toes? If Im not mistaken ALL Ragdolls do, and it is a unique distinctive feature to the breed. My Blueberry is a Ragdoll, and she has these long tufts of hair, cute.
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She's a gorgeous kitty!

It's very unlikely that she's a Birmam, Ragdoll or any other pedigree mix. The tabby would have had to have mated with a purebred cat. I don't know of any Birman or Ragdoll breeders who allow their whole males to roam outdoors freely. It can happen, but most shelter cats are lookalikes & not pedigree cats.

She's a beautiful Seal Point Mitted Domestic Medium Hair or Domestic Long Hair.

My Simon is a shelter kitty that looks Siamese. I know that he's a moggie & not a purebed Siamese, so he's considered a Flame Point Mitted Domestic Medium Hair.
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Originally Posted by cagnes
She's a gorgeous kitty!

She's a beautiful Seal Point Mitted Domestic Medium Hair or Domestic Long Hair.
she is gorgeous - & that's a great descriptor for her!
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Whatever she is, she is strikingly beautiful.
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I agree with the general opinion that she is absolutely gorgeous, regardless of what you might want to call her!
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Originally Posted by Rangerspouse
Anyway, we research breeds since my 5 year old daughter wants to put a breed with the face. I'm fine with your "Little Sh#!" breed, but my daughter needs something more appropriate to tell her friends! ha ha The closest I come up with is Birman.
LOL - ummmm - yeah - that probably wouldn't be good for your daughter to use. "Hey everyone, I've got a Siamese and a little sh*t".... Cute, but not appropriate.

sbw999 - no tufts between her toes.

Thanks for all the compliments on her. She is a pretty girl and she is the friendliest out of all my babies, but not lapcat friendly. More so - "I've got to know what's going on at all times to make sure I still have run of this joint".
It just cracks me up that I've had cats since I was a child. Constantly for the past thirty something years (not giving that one up that easy) and I have never had a cat that has been so set on establishing themselves as the alpha cat not just to the other cats, but to her family (us) and every person that comes to my home. Anyone that comes here, she makes damn sure her presence is completely known then waits for the person to move something or open something and she moves right in and sits there as if - "just so you get things straight - I run the show around here". Ticks my mother off to no end that the cat gets the best of her every time (It was amusing the first few times, but not so much anymore).
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i think she looks a lot like a birman as well....she is absolutley gorgeous!!
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