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I'm sorry that you have to deal with the weight of losing this friend, in addition to the already heavy burden of Bipolar Disorder. Sending you many hugs, you obviously have the support of all of us here at TCS!
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I read your post and I felt like crying for you. It's hard when you're down to have bad things happen. Let your thoughts shift from your friend to this thread and all the people wishing you well here. I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way.
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I would look to see if there are any support groups in your area.
It sounds like you need a few new friends who understand your illness.
I think you are better off without your so called friend. Friends don't do that to one another.

My mother has bipolar disorder and by choice prefers to be alone (has allienated many friends and relatives). She still has my aunt and my sisters and I to do things with, but it would be nice if she had a life outside the family - to take the pressure/guilt off our shoulders of having to ask her to do things with us (like coming along on our family vacations).

Hang in there.
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Thanks again for all your caring words and thoughts.

Today I went to gym and worked off a lot of stream, but have a massive headache, so tonight I'm just going to lay low.

The hardest thing about this is that this "friend" knows I'm all alone in the city. I'm also not close with any of my family, at all. I've been estranged from my mother for years, my father is deceased, and the last time I spoke to my brother was to tell him about my diagnosis. He hasn't spoken to me since.

I do have one close friend left, who lives a couple of hours north of the city, and she treats me like a sister. But she is also a social worker/psychiatric nurse so she understands my illness. She's older than me, and has been a great mentor. So at least I have her as a friend.

And of course, I have all of you here. Thanks.
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Hi Jen,

Me and the herd are sending
I have a niece who was diagnosed bipolar several yrs ago-she went through some rough times, hooked up with a couple guys who weren't the best for her but produced two wonderful children. She is doing ok-has been in a pretty steady relationship with an older guy for a few yrs now and I think that has helped.
I'm a tell it like it is kind of person-sometimes that has caused problems but hey if someone asks my opinion I'm going to tell it.
Since my office closed I have not had lots of contact with my ex-coworkers, being in the country not many neighbors so I rely on DH and my mom for conversations. Plus TCS. Oh and all those strangers I talk to in the grocery store-I'm just so chatty!!!
But feel free to pm me and I can talk about any number of useless topics.

Take care.

BTW only a half of bag of chocolate?????
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Originally Posted by Nebula11

That being said...I wanted to ask if you had tried any eastern philosophy or homeopathic treatment for Bipolar.....

I myself have dabbled in herbalism....and have in fact taken courses w/ a few renouned herbalists and spiritual healers........

And I have a few suggestions for you........I had a good friend who was dealing w/ bi-polar disorder....His meds, regular exercise, and a good diet were not cutting it for he turned to a more natural way ......He found that a combo of Valerian, st Johns wart, and chamomille really helped him.........

Also w/ what Bi-polar disorder is...I think spiritually you need to find ballance...Once you find a ballance spiritually, you will be able to achieve that ballance physically........
I am a psych nurse who used to work for a doctor of alternative medicine. If you want to try any herbal medications or supplements, please check with your MD first. Sometimes things will interact. Like I have read studies about St Johns is effective for mild depression, but has similar side effects to Zoloft. So it is a less effective treatment with similar side effects. While St Johns Wort may be a great option for someone with mild depression, on no other meds, someone with severe depression or taking other medications may have trouble with it. By discussing it with your MD, you will have less chance of interactions. Or if they occur, your doc will have a better idea of how to treat it.

There is another anti-anxiety herb that interacts with klonopin...but I am pretty certain it was not valerian. I can't really speak to the stones...except to say that they certainly cannot hurt. And the beauty of trying them would be that if they do work, you would see the benefit, right?

And as a Christian, I would encourage anyone to pay attention to their spiritual side. If you were raised in or believe in a particular faith, that could be the place to start. Just like we can't ignore our physical needs, we shouldn't ignore our spiritual or psychological needs, either.
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We have talked before, and you know I am always here for you!! I am sorry to hear about the ignorance of your friend. The same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago... Keep your head up. Also, try reading self help/spirital books. I just started doing this, even though I dislike reading and am not very good at it. It has helped a lot!
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You are all so amazing! I see so much kindness and compassion. Thank you all so much for your genuine concern.

Becky, I am taking 4 psych meds (Klonopin/Clonazepam is 1 of them), so I definitely won't take herbal stuff due to possible contraindications. But yes, I do believe I need to take care of my spiritual self, and will be working on that more now.
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Sending big hugs and warm snuggles your way, Jenn!
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No advice or suggestions from me.
I'm just so sorry to hear that you're going through this. I know how it feels to loose an important friendship. Big hugs and lots of healing thoughts going your way.
Take care of you, and know that you're cared for, even if it is from a distance.
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I'm sorry....
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That must be very difficult to deal with. I don't know anyone personally with it but I have heard how difficult it is to deal with through others. Try to keep your chin up and you will make more friends, maybe even better ones.
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Oh I know what your going through is a difficult thing. I've learned a lot about bi-polar disorder through my work this past year. I've had several bi-polar clients. Each ones case is different too. From that I know how difficult it can be, how much it impacts you. If I hadn't gotten into this line of work, I'd never have had a clue.

I guess some people just aren't strong enough or know how to care enough. If she was really a good friend, she would have tried to find out more about your disorder. She should know that when you have your 'down times' it's not really you. Like has been said before, we know you are a wonderful, vibrant and caring person. Don't you forget that! i'll be praying extra for you too!
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Sorry to hear about what happened. It sounds like your friend is having some problems. Probably she is pretty depressed right now and that's why she isolated herself. It's hard to know what to do. It's hard to show you care when someone tells you to go away. I guess probably the best thing is to give her some space, but be there for her should she need your help.

Anyways. Hope you feel better soon.
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Sending lots of hugs your way Jenn! I hope things work out for you soon.
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heaps of hugs and good vibes comming your way Jenn
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Thanks for all of your responses. You are the best bunch of online friends anyone could have!
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