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This is hard for me to bring up but,,,,,,,

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Hello, this is going to be long and very sad for me to bring up and will make me angry all over again too. When I was living alone, before I met Yvonne I had a very special little black and white female kitty named Peanut because she was so small. I had her for a very long time. She came with me when I got married and moved to Yvonne's house.

One day I noticed she had some goffy looking white stuff coming out of her urinary tract. So I took her to the vet just down the road from me [not the same one I go to now] and she gave me some antibiots for her which did the trick. She told me if the discharge comes back she will do the surgery and get her "fixed". I think she was about 7 or 8 years old at the time. Anyway it did come back in about 6 months, but she didn't seem to have any other major problems.

So I took Peanut back, they did surgery, I pick her up and she is just a heap in my arms. Really weak, can't hardly walk or take care of herself. I thought what the hell is going on here!!!!!!!!! but she said she will get better in a day or so. I took her home with me and just as I figured she couldn't even feed herself. I called the vet and bitched, sorry for the language but I am still steamed over this and she tells me to bring her back to stay over night for fluids and whatever else she did with her. The next day was a friday so I get her and still no better. We couldn't get her to eat and she was going down hill fast.

By sunday we could not find her, somehow she mustered up enough strength to get upstairs and was under a bed ready to die. I got her out and ran her to a hospital that the vet said was set up to take her emergency stuff. Well we walk into this place and the dr on call goes wild because he had no idea who this vet was. He looked over Peanut and did a bunch of blood work and Xrays while we waited. He said she was very sick and he would do what he could. He was just great to Peanut and us after I told him the whole story. He told me what he figured was wrong and what he could do to try and help her. I finally had to ask what all this was going to cost. He told me for $150 he could get a good idea on what was happening to my baby. I cried and had to leave Peanut there. I would go and see her every day. She was in a incubator with tubes in her on meds and draining infection and all kinds of stuff. She came around to where she could sit up and knew what was going on around her. Then after about 4 days like this he calls and tells me she is getting fluid in her chest cavity, and he has drained it a couple times and it fills up again and that her kidneys were shutting down.

He also said he couldn't put any more fluids in her because it was building up under the skin so bad. He said that even if the fluids in the chest cavity had stopped she still would not make it because of her kidneys shutting down so I had to give the OK to end my babys life. But I wanted to see her one last time to say goodby. I get there and she is sitting up and they had her all cleaned up nice for me and out of the incubator so I could touch and talk to her but she wouldn't even look at me or lick my hand or anything, I can't tell you how much that hurt me, it was like she was blaming me for being there.

He wanted to know if I wanted to hold her when they gave her the shot but I just couldn't, I asked if they could make a little box for her to bring her home to burry her and not see her, I wanted my last time to see her to be when she was still alive.

When all this was done I had to go and pay for all he did to try and save Peanut. I knew he went way over the $150 he told me it would cost. The dr came out front and wispered to the girl to keep the bill to about $150. She had a list of everything he had done for Peanut and I got a look at it. He charged me $150 for what was probably a $600 bill.

I asked him if the vet working on her while she was infected is what caused all the problems, He got a weird look on his face like he wanted to blow up at this idiot vet who operated on her without having her on antibiotics before the surgery. He bit his lip and said he couldn't tell if that was the case but I knew it was before I got her there and he did to. At least that was my gut feeling on the whole mess.

I just couldn't believe that my little Peanut went from a little discharge to being dead in just a few days. The worst part of it was the vet who did the surgery charged me another $100 to keep Peanut over night and still didn't help her. I was just f'ing wild!!!!!!!! I go to pick her up the next day and she hands me my baby all covered in pee and poop, she wouldn't even take the time to clean her up!!!!!!!! I did at the time and still blame that vet for killing my kitty. She never even called to see how she was doing. I stopped in there to tell her Peanut died in a hospital and she was like so what, she got her money out of me. Needless to say I have never gone back there again.

I guess I am wondering if any of you who know alot about UTI and surgery feel that I am right in thinking that her doing the surgery caused the infection to spread so bad it killed her? Am I right to be still so upset about this even though it was probably 5 years ago? I have gone from crying to wanting to go and bash that vets teeth in just telling this story.

All this is true, Yvonne can back me up on this if need be. Also don't worry if any of you agree with my feelings on this but are afraid to tell me, I am not going to go start trouble over this with that vet. I guess I just want to get others feelings on this or if anyone else has had anything like this happen to them.

It seems strange but I see alot of Peanut in Tuffy, they both have allot of the same little quirks. Maybe Tuffy finding me was gods way of letting me also have Peanut back for a while longer.

Like I said this was going to be long and sad but this has botherd me since it happend. Tuffy's vet wouldn't operate on him till she is sure his infection was gone and doing a male is allot less invasive [sp?] then doing a female. At least that is my impression on this stuff.

Here is the only picture I have of my little Peanut, taken shortly before she was taken from me.
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I certainly can understand your anger and hurt. I would be just as upset by that whole thing as you are. It may be "just another cat" to that vet, but to us they are our babies and we've grown to love them very much.
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I understand your anger and pain.

I switched vets as my old vet treated my 'baby' as just another product in a long service line.

Now I pay almost twice the price but it is worth it for someone who cares and does their best.
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I can completely understand your pain!

It is so difficult when a vet sees money rather than our beloved companions! I just hope that these vets can be filtered out of the system and more caring and wonderful ones replace them!

Peanut was a beautiful kitty! I know she's watching over you with love!
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What are the odds she was having kidney problems? Did she get a blood screen before she had the surgery?
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Your poor baby. Peanut was a lovely looking girl. I don't think I would ever get over this either.
When I took Sleeves to get neutered, it was to a different surgery because my own one didn't do operations, but my usual vet told us to go there. They were so rude and the woman was unclean and Sleeves came home with dirty feet. (I have a previous thread about this). And so I switched vets, I pay more but I don't mind they are lovely there.
Have you written to the vet? If you attempt to talk to them you will just get angry and maybe say something you feel bad about after.
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I almost hate to read a post like this because it's so upsetting. I am so sorry that you went through all that!
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I am so sorry for you loss. Your post made me cry. Your anger is completey justified and I would feel the same way.
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Tom I moved your post, the subject matter is quite delicate and I moved it to a forum where people can sadly relate.

It sounds like your little one might have had FIP from what I read, and there is no cure for this devastating disease, at least not yet. I recently had to put down 7 kittens (newborns) because of this disease.

Some vets are good, but they are not infallible. I know you are angry, but anger is a part of the grief process. So is self recrimanation and denial and guilt and and and....

I am sorry for your loss- might help your journey.
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i, too, had difficulty finding a decent vet when Mouse was so sick last year. i'm glad you've found a good one for Tuffy...Peanut was a beautiful kitty. she's playing with Mouse now over the bridge.
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You sadness and continued sense of loss are justified.
From what your experience relates, your anger is too.

Hissy, makes a very experienced assumption that It may have been FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis)
ttp:// has a good plan words description of this and its symptoms.

However we may never know as FIP is difficult to diagnose and your baby has been gone for 5 years now.

None of this excuses your first vets lack of compassion for your Peanut nor your feelings. The fact that you pick her up from the vet covered in her own excrement would be enough to have me start over the counter at this vet’s neck!
So I can completely understand your anger. I cannot offer you any advise on whether she was the root cause, but my suspicions would be the same as yours.
You may have no legal foot to take any action against her/him but word of mouth can certainly be an effective tool. But don’t let anger guide your tongue or pen in any effort you make. Your Peanut’s memory deserves more than anger as a tribute.

If it was me, I would certainly never go to that vet and make it known to all my animal loving friends that this vet is not to be trusted just from the kind of care they gave her.

Im sorry your loss gave you this experience, but I am sure that you are much more cautious of which vet you use now. I hope that your current vet is a much more deserving for your cats care.

I hope in time as you remember that sweet kitty in the picture that your thoughts fill with love instead of the anger and senseless loss they do now.

Rest In Peace sweet Peanut. Your daddy loved you very much.

God bless

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Tom, Your post made me very sad. Vets should be people who love animals. Most of them are. The picture of Peanut is so beautiful. RIP sweet Peanut.
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What are the odds she was having kidney problems? Did she get a blood screen before she had the surgery?
Maybe she was before all this happened. But I didn't think she was acting to sick before the vet worked on her. I don't think the vet checked anything out before hand. But back then was the first time I had to have any of my cats to a vet and didn't really know anything about how cats hide there illness.

I hate the thought that she was dying and I didn't even realize it till way to late. Its just the fact that I took my Peanut in for what I was told would be no big deal and she was acting ok, at least I thought so, other than a little discharge and get back a totally different kitty who was dead in a few days.

Its going to take allot of convincing that this vet didn't have allot to do with what happened to Peanut. She had to know she was very sick but yet she handed her to me and acted like nothing was wrong, or if she didn't figure it out then what is she doing being a vet?

The vets office I go to now is great, I get the feeling that they all care because they all have pets and can see how much I care for our pets. Also that hospital was great too, for someone to walk in out of the blue on a sunday morning and have them drop everything and work on Peanut was great. I wonder if the DR at the hospital called the vet who worked on Peanut and told her off. It wouldn't suprise me if he did, he was really puzzled as to what was going on with her.

I should have had him do a autopsy [sp?] do try and find out what was wrong but I was not thinking to clear at the time and in the end it was more money and I still wouldn't have Peanut back.
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Condolences on the loss of Peanut. SHe was just beautiful.
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Hi again, Thanks everone for all the support. I have done some reading on FIP. If she did have this could the surgery make her get so bad in one day? Or was it just very bad timing on my part and she would have got that bad that fast anyway?

I feel just horrible if she was that sick and never knew it, but it also looks like if she had FIP the outcome would have been the same with or without the surgery. I quess I will never know for sure.

I probably shouldn't have even told this story about Peanut, Now all the memorys of all this are back again.
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Tom W,

How devastating!! I can't even imagine how awful that must have been for both of you.
I don't think the pain you're still experiencing is unreasonable at all. Our cats are family, and it's completely heart wrenching when one of them is taken from us and that heartache can last awhile. You loved her very much and are still unsure of what actually happened; therefore, without definite answers, you probably haven't experienced much closure regarding the situation. The grieving process can last a long time when we lose someone very important to us, and each person will work through the stages in their own way and in their own time.
I'm truly sorry to hear about Peanut, and I will keep you in my thoughts.

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I was asking Yvonne what she remembered about Peanut. Yvonne is a RN and has worked ICU in a hospital and med/surge. She thinks Peanut was septic from infection scattered through her body which caused the fluids they were putting into her to build up around her heart and longs. She has seen the same thing in very sick people in ICU. I think if the vet would have just put her on antibiotics again like the first time she had the discharge none of this would have happened.

But it is all hind site and speculation, I guess deep down I never let this go totaly and I am still very bitter about it. I don't think I could talk to that vet and keep my cool and she would just play dumb and say she don't remeber it anyways.
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I’m so sorry about your loss of cute little Peanut. It does seem like finding a competent, caring vet who is as concerned/more concerned about the patient and his/her family as their bill is difficult. To have to do this with a kitty that is already sick or injured is even harder. (In the area where I now live, I’m on my third vet in 15 years, but luckily, I got to figure out I didn’t like the first two through routine, non-life-threatening visits.)

You have every right to be upset with the first vet, but don’t blame yourself in not knowing if Peanut may have been sick before the surgery. Cats do seem to hide their illnesses too well for too long. I don’t know how much testing/medicating a better vet might have done prior to surgery, but her follow-up and attitude should put her out of business!

Till you see her again at the bridge, R.I.P. Peanut.
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Hi everyone, I found some more pictures I forgot I had. The top one is Peanut from 1990 when she was a little baby.

The bottom one is of Stubby I named him that because he lost part of his ear and the end of his tail to frost bite. He was a stray. This picture is from Christmas day in 1982. He was my first kitty when I moved out on my own. Out of all the cats I have had he still is my favorite one.
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Hello, after reading some of the other stories of people who lost there kitty cats and bringing up the old memories of Peanut and other cats I have had I broke down and cried and finally said goodby and that I was sorry to Peanut the best I could.

Because of all this and what I have learned about cats I have gone from assuming if they don't act sick they are ok to the other end of the scale, now when one of our cats acts a little odd I get all worried that something major is wrong. How is a person supost to know when they are sick or just acting off about something?

For example, I have noticed lately that Panther who normaly loves and looks for attention is acting distant and seems to get upset if I give him to much attention. Unless I am in the bedroom by myself and have the door closed to nap in the daytime he will meow and scratch the door and wants to come in without the other cats with us then he is all over me purring and wanting to be petted. Same thing if I am in the bathroom.

He had a bad cough and was sneezing a while back again but that seems to have past. The other times he was real sick or had a fever he would hide under our bed and not come out. He has not been acting like that which brings me back to my original question, how do I know when to be concerned? I realize that is a almost impossible question to answer never knowing Panther or our other cats and this might not be the right forum for this question but it stems from what happened to Peanut and the 2 little baby kittens we lost last winter. I guess having 5 kittys to worry about makes this kind of thing so much harder.

I am sorry to go on and on about this thing with Peanut but it is helping me to finally let it go the best I can. I had forgot that a long time ago my sister made me a photo album with pictures of all my kitty cats I have had over the years. I found it and thats were I found the picture of Peanut when she was a baby and way back to Stubby more than 20 years ago. OK no more sad stories for me. It hurts to much.

Thats to everyone that has responded to this and all my questions. This place and the people are the greatest. I thought that I was strange to get so attatched to my kitty cats but I now see I am no different that everyone else here.
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Tom, I'm so sorry you had such a terrible experience with your darling Peanut. It's good that you are expressing yourself and making some peace with what happened. Peanut is surely playing and watching over you and probably did direct you and Tuffy to each other.

You sound like a wonderful person who takes very good care of his cats.
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Tom.....At first I was sad when I started reading about your precious little, the more I`ve read..... I`m MAD!!!!
I don`t care if she may have had something that kept her from getting well. (IMO the dr should have run tests BEFORE doing the surgery!)
In any case....for her to have been laying in her pee and poop without being cleaned up shows me that that vet was QUACKY! No wonder she got an infection!
I`d have been D***ED if I`d have given her one red cent! I`d have seriously thought about taking her butt to court for malpractice! (or whatever the word is for quacky vets)
(Sorry if I sound too harsh....but I`m so mad reading this that I just can`t even stand myself!!)
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I'm sorry to hear about Peanut.. she was so adorable!

R.I.P little Peanut.
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Hi to all and thanks for the kind words. stampit3d, I was just wild with all this but it all happened so fast and I was so upset I didn't know what to do. If I could have got the Dr at the hospital to come out and say to me that the operation is what caused all this then I for sure would have been on that vet like flys on you know what. But I think the Dr knew why I asked him that and didn't want to get stuck in the middle of a big mess.

I don't even know if that place is still there, If she treats others like she did me and Peanut I would be amazed if she is still there. If I had known then what I know now there is no way I would have had surgery done on Peanut without a full coarse of antibiotics first and then make sure she got a very good looking over first. But I was dumb enough to believe the vet knew best and did what she said to do if the discharge came back a second time. Her office is just down our street, I am going to drive by there and see if it is still open.

I have been thinking of making a copy of my first post on this and mailing it to that vet but in the end I am sure nothing would change and it would just drag out the letting go of all this. I bet she will say she don't remember, Its been longer than I thought since this all happened, Yvonne is pretty sure it was in 1998 when Peanut died which would be right because she was born in 1990 and she was 8 when she died. Or she would say she just did what I told her to do. I guess what really burns me is the vet never said that she was having big problems and hand me such a sick kitty to take home when I tell right away she could never take car of herself as bad off as she was, Peanut couldn't even hold her head up in my arms when the vet handed her to me, and then to charge full price for keeping her overnight for whatever she did if anything. If she would have done anything the second day when I brought her back she should have known she was in big trouble, but no she hands me a very sick little kitty that never hurt anyone all covered in bedding, and pee and poop. And to top it all off she says she will be fine in a couple days?????????? Even I could tell she would not be "fine in a couple days".

Looking back on this mess I should have walked out of that place right away. The place smelled so bad I could hardly stand it and the other animals there were crying and complaining. I can pretty much see the kind of care they got after seeing the shape Peanut was in. I am really sad to think that others had to go through the same thing I did with that place.

I think I am going to ask Tuffy's vet about some of this stuff with Peanut just to see what she says about it. I am pretty sure she will say that she would never have operated if Peanut had a bad UT infection without treating the infection first. And ask if she has heard from any other people about the vet in question, I am pretty sure they will give me a honest answer to my questions.

If I seem to be all over the place in this post its because I am thinking as I write this. Maybe I don't really know what I need to get out of all this other than a better picture of why she had to be taken from me so fast. If it had been a slow down hill thing and known she maybe had something that couldn't be helped it still would have been just as hard to give the ok to end her suffering but to have my best little friend go from having some discharge from her UT one day to being in a animal hospital and not being able to help her and I have to bring her home in a box in a couple days and no one can give me any real reason why is just to much to take, even after all this time.

I am sorry that I said I would let this go and no more sad stories in my last post but I guess after starting this reply I still have very strong feelings about this and it seems from what allot of you have said I have a right to feel like I do. I told Peanut I was sorry and goodby the other night and I pretty much gotten over the feeling it was my fault for what happend but I still have allot of unanswered questions. I probably will never have the answers I am looking for. I really wish now that I would have let the dr try and find out why she got so sick so fast. At the time I didn't have allot of money and it wouldn't bring Peanut back but fast forward to now and whatever it would have cost would have been worth it just to answer why she is gone.

I hope my rambling here makes sence to you reading it and I would like to know if I should ask Tuffy's vet about all this? Or should I just let Peanut RIP and give my love to my Tuffy and our other kittys, I can't leave Kelsey our dog out or she will be mad at me lol.
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Thanks for putting up with my ramblings about Peanut. I guess I just needed to vent some of this stuff that has been inside me for so long. It has helped me to let it go after posting it here. Plus reading the other sad stories helped me to cry and get it out.

RIP little Peanut. Maybe when my time is up I get to see Peanut and my other kittys that have passed on.

Tom W
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