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Over another hurdle!

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Just had good news that I have been waiting for almost a month. Wellington and Napoleon have passed their rabies antibody blood tests! So I can now get their passports for the EU and all cats will soon be qualified to travel. I am so relieved.
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Woohoo! They are going to be travellin' cats!
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Thats great news!! I want to see these kitty passports lol
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that is great news!!!
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That is wonderful news!
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Congrats on getting that wonderful news!!
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Yay! That's great news Jenny!
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Great news!!! I was just thinking of that last week mentioning to DH about the differences in pet care in the US and Europe.
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Yeah!! glad to hear that!
here's hoping everything goes according to plan!
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What a relief.
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That's very good news, Jenny. France, here they come! Actually, where will you be entering the EU with them? I'm curious to learn how carefully the authorities will check, i.e., whether they'll just glance at the passports, or actually scan the cats.
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I will cross from Bosnia into Croatia, then Slovenia, then either Italy or Austria depending on the route I choose. I am told by others that the only thing they really care about is the blood test certificate, as long as I have one for each cat!
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That's great news, Jenny -- what load off your mind!
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Great news Jenny!!
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That's great! I hope you're travels go smoothly.
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Fantastic news, Jenny!!

You mist be incredibly relieved and your excitement heightened!! It'll be all go in no time at all!
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That's great news!
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Fantastic Jenny!! France here they come!
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I went to pick up the certificates tonight from my friend and she gave me a present - one only a cat lover would appreciate. TWO covered litter boxes with swing doors, both brand new! Wonderful, I can't buy them here and we make do with deep trays. Apparently someone in Vienna didn't want them and my friend knew I would use them. The cats love them - to play in so far. Ellie climbed right in and sat down and wouldn't let anyone else in. I have replaced two litter boxes with the new ones so I hope they learn to use them soon!
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So you will be driving with all 5 cats at once??? How long will that trip take??
Do the authorities have to check it as you enter each country?
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Originally Posted by GailC
So you will be driving with all 5 cats at once??? How long will that trip take??
Do the authorities have to check it as you enter each country?
Once she gets across the border in Slovenia, there shouldn't be any more checks. That and the (almost) single currency are the best things about the EU. Oh, and no import duty on foodstuffs, so a much greater variety.
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Jcat is right. Though I have to get into Croatia first to cross into Slovenia. But as I have a British car and licence and a French address documented there should not be too much trouble there. I think it will take three days to do the whole trip, and I am going to fit out the back of the jeep with a large cage for the cats. I have to research some hotels that will take us though! It is not like the US with motels every few yards around every city!
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Travelling with a car is probably so much nicer than flying would be: I know of cats and carriers sometimes being x-rayed and the customs even making you take the cat out of the carrier at the airport when flying within EU.

Off topic: I think it's pretty warped that if you fly with a cat to UK from an other EU country, the cat must fly as cargo (i.e. Finnair normally allows small pets in the passenger compartment), but if you fly to France and take the train through the Channel tunnel, your cat can travel with you.
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I didn't know that about flying to the UK - never having done it! I have seen cats being taken out of carriers though, at Vienna airport. That was instead of being put through the Xray so I think that was a good thing.
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