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Neighbors cats spraying my house/car

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How do I deter these cats from spraying? My car gets 'hit' about 3 times a week, and the dryer vent keeps getting sprayed, I can't even do my laundry without first bleaching the whole outside area, which is under the deck.

I have an 8yr old spayed female cat, so I don't think it's her they're chasing..

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You can convince the neighbors to neuter their cats, thats the best way. Unless they already are, some cats still spray anyways. I don't really know what else to do someone else will be along to help soon.
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There are several items out that can help you- the Scarecrow and SSSCat are two that come to mind. But if you could get your neighbor to see reason and neuter his cats, that would help as well. Let me find the links
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If you follow the link you will find some websites that have products that might help

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Get the neighbor to neuter the cat! The smell will go down
so much so, you probably won't smell it...

Also, use chemical deterents... and physical ones too -
carpet protector plastics (which has "combs" on the bottom)
turned upside down, makes it uncomfortable to walk on...
cat won't go there anymore...

Hissy's sites have good info...

Been recently dealing with this myself.. battling neighbor
who has un fixed young tom that now has gone "feral"
on her, and won't come in! Told her I'd trap, take to vet
AND get fixed - no cost to her - I'm that tired of my yard
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First I'd talk to the neighbors about getting their cats neutered/spayed (yes females will spray too) and keeping the cats INSIDE.

If that doesn't work, then if you can, kidnap them and get them done yourself. Or offer to help them get them neutered (cost/transportation), etc.
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The real problem IS the owners! There are two kittys I catch out there, both at night, both are from 'good' homes, the owners plain don't believe in neutering them or keeping them inside.
I'll try Hissy's links, today we're having a torrential rain storm, so hopefully I can get some laundry done. I have to change the dryer vent again because of them.

I Googled the issue, and came up with fox urine as a deterrent. So I go from one peepee situation to another!
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