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Congratulations, and best wishes for your future together.
As far as engagement/wedding rings are concerned, I have to slightly correct fwan. Nowadays, many if not most young Germans are wearing their wedding bands on their left hands, and many have diamond engagement rings. The "traditional" German way is to buy the wedding bands when you get engaged, and to wear them on your left ring finger during the engagement. Once you marry, you switch the rings to your right hands. My husband wears his on his right ring finger, but I wear mine on my left hand. However, I usually wear my mother's very ornate wedding band on my right ring finger. She gave it to me several years ago when it became too small for her, and resizing it would have ruined it. I occasionally wear my grandmother's diamond wedding band instead.
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[quote=Amandaofcols] Congratulations to you both!! I wish you both all the best... even if I am a tad jealous!! [/QUOTE

You never know... Everytime I read a thread by some one announcing their engagement on this board I read it out to my boyfriend and would say "hint, hint" quite loudly, and what do you know...
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