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Well, it looks like we wil be needing new carpet & linoleum!

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We had a minor accident today. No one at my house feels very well. We are all slightly slow today. The house is a mess & we decided that we had better clean today or it will never get done. Mom decided to bleach out the garbage can in my bathroom. She poured some bleach in it & turned on the shower in the upstiars bathroom. She told me to help her remember the shower was running. She had poured way too much bleach in the garbage can(I think she must have poured an entire gallon in with how bad it bleached things). Well, she remembered the shower was running half an hour later. There was 2 inches of bleach water on the floor of her bathroom upstairs. The garbage can had covered the drain not allowing it to drain properly. Her bathroom just happens to be located above my bathroom & the office downstairs. There is a 12' x 6' chunk of carpeting soaked with water. The downstairs(my) bathroom linoleum got wet & one wall got wet as well. The carpeting & linoleum in the bathroom upstairs are shot. The black carpet downstairs has a huge chunk bleached a lighter color. The linoleum in my bathroom is curled at the edges a little, but dad thinks he can glue it back down for now. My hand towel & washcloth are bleached a little.

The worst part is that the fax machine, old computer, & all kinds of pictures from when mom & dad were little were in the path of the dripping water. I managed to save the monitor & speakers, but the computer itself & keyboard are wrecked. I got the fax maching dried off & it seems to work fine. The pictures weren't wet at all. I had raced downstairs to see how bad it was dripping. I threw on old pjs & ran under the dripping water to salvage as much as I could. Not thinking about how bleach would affect my hair...I now have homemade highlights! Looks like I will be shelling out dough to have my hair professionally dyed. I liked being a red-head.

We are trying to figure out what we need to replace. So far, we have"
linoleum & carpet in upstairs bathroom
baseboard in upstairs bathroom
touch-up paint in upstairs bathroom
carpet in office(maybe putting in linoleum)
new baseboard on one wall in my bathroom
New paint on one wall in my bathroom
new ceiling tiles in the office & bathroom
new baseboard where it got wet in the office

As if all of that wasn't enough, my dad runs his own business & all of the businees stuff he has takes up quite a bit of memory on a computer, so he has to have his own computer for the business. Looks like we need a new comp. for the office. Thankfully, the company that he is self-employed under will buy him a new computer every 3 years to keep him up-to-date with technology. He hasn't bought a new compuer through the company for 7 years, so that is one less expense.

I cannot believe how bad things got bleached. I know they say 10 parts water & 1 part bleach, but how shamoley did things get bleached! Mom didn't think she put that much bleach in. The only thing that got bleached really bad was my hair. The carpet is only slightly lighter than the rest, but it isn't really that dry yet. We will have to see when things are completely dry. Maybe by Tuesday we will know for sure.

After spending 2 hours trying to salvage things, mom cherrfully exclaims, "Well, at least the shower finally got bleached clean!" I think it was the bleach smell getting to her. After all of this, I kept thinking about all of the people that got struck by the hurricanes this year. We only lost some things in the bathroom & office, those people lost everything, their homes & all. It sure made me think about how bad things must be for them & how lucky I am.
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Well, I'm glad you're able to laugh at it...at least a little bit, anyways. What a mess! I can't even imagine. But it's a good thing you can put in in perspective- you are right, that is nothing compared to what hurricanes & natural disasters can and have done to some people's homes. Hope you get it all fixed and cleaned up soon!
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Not a great way to spend your day. Those unexpected disasters are the worst. IMO you'll get though this and look back and laugh! (I hope anyway)
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OMG, how horrible! I hope you get things back in order soon!!!
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I can't believe it bleached your hair!!!! That's amazing!! Could catch on as a new trend....
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If I were you, I would be concerned about a mold/mildew problem where everything got wet.
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Originally Posted by Bugaboo1
If I were you, I would be concerned about a mold/mildew problem where everything got wet.
The lucky thing is the bleach might ameliorate that somewhat. Nothing's better for killing mold and mildew than good ol' bleach.
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We are still waiting for everything to dry completely. It's amazing how much water carpet can soak up. My dad knows a guy who does carpet & he will be coming to check things out for us on Thursday to see what he thinks. Mom is thinking about saving the good parts of the carpet for a cat tree. The house doesn't smell like wet dog anymore, though. I guess I will sit back & watch mom & dad figure out all of the relacement stuff while I try to find a computer. Dad already ripped out the carpet in the upstairs bathroom as it soaked up most of the water that stayed upstairs.

I don't have to worry about waiting until the future to laugh about it, though. I think it is pretty funny right now. Between 4 people we could remember to shut the shower off. As far as my hair, well, I can't get an appt. to have it dyed until Friday, so I guess I will be making a fashioon statement until then. That's OK, though, I like to be different. At least mom didn't do this in the other upstairs bathroom. That bathroom is ove rmy bedroom & little sister's bedroom. Now that would have been a royal mess. I just finished sponge painting my bedroom this fall.
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