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Messy cat !

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My wife and I have 2 rescue kittens (brother and sister aged 9 months). One of them (Merlin) has always had a thing for water, whether it be a dripping tap, puddle or his water bowl. He will regularly sit in puddles - muddy or otherwise, fish in the washing up bowl and sometimes we've caught him curled up asleep in the bathroom sink (dry). Perhaps I shouldn't mention that my wife caught him sitting IN the toilet the other day

Recently he has been coming home soaking wet. Not just a little bit, but absolutely drenched from head to tail. He never wanders far and is always within earshot of coming home when called. As yet we haven't discovered WHY he comes home in such a mess, but we are ruling out anyone throwing water on him or anything as we have nice neighbours who also have cats.

I suppose Im asking if anyone else has experienced such strange behaviour and can offer any advice as to how we can stop him coming home looking like a furry mudbath !

Freya (his sister), is the complete opposite although it is hilarious to watch her sitting in the garden COVERED completely in wet leaves which seem to stick to her really long hair.
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My cats dont go out so I have no suggestions but he sounds like a brilliant cat!
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Thats a riot. I'd keep the lid on the toilet shut from now on and make sure you don't use any of that "blue stuff."
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Does anyone have a koi pond nearby? That might get him wet fast if he's going fishing!
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Sounds to me like he just likes water my daughter has a kitty that loves to get wet so she always has a bowl of water down big enough for her to roll in but its not deep so she can't drown if he likes water like this the nearest puddle will do lol sorry not much help you may just have to live with it or make sure he has pleanty of clean water to play in then he may leave the yuky water alone but if you have a nice lounge you may want to cover it it may be an indoor kitty thing or just Shandis naughty nature but she likes to get soked and then roll on the lounge
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At 9 months and an indoor/outdoor cat is he neutered? One of the two barn cats here loves to fish in the creek. He gets quite wet at times.
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I dont know what to say. My Bear stays inside and doesnt like water all that much, although the other day Bear was drinking out of the toilet Good thing there was no cleaner in it!
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My girls love water, but not that much! I guess I'd just watch the toilet (which is too funny by the way!) and as long as he's safe and not hurting anything himself (like your furniture), I'd leave it be. Thats just my personal opinion.
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At 9 months and an indoor/outdoor cat is he neutered?
Yes, they both are (and micro-chipped and have little discs on their collars). Our vet here did them both at 8 months old. They are rescue kittens from the Cat's Protection League who came and did a home check before we could adopt them, then INSISTED as part of the re-homing contract that they are neutered. (we had to send a vet certificate back to them to prove they have been "done").

When he does come home bedraggled and messy, he is banished to the kitchen and not allowed anywhere else in the house until he's cleaned himself up. The funny thing is the fact his sister Freya just gives him a "look" and gives him a WIDE berth as if to say "NO WAY are you coming near me in that state !"

I guess it's something we will have to live with as part of his character like the little "burps" he does when he purrs like he's about to explode or his fixation with jamming himself between the pillows with just his head sticking out on the spare bed
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