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Wanting to adopt...

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but not sure if I want a kitten or an adult cat.

I live alone in an apartment, and I'm gone about 6 hours a day, sometimes a little more.

My boyfriend wants me to get a kitten because he thinks that I can raise it to be the perfect cat for me.
I am thinking that I would like a cat that is a little older and already has an established personality, that way I know what I'm getting.
I'm also afraid that if I got a kitten, it would be lonely when I'm gone. Is this true? I am not able to get two kittens where I live now, so that option is out.

any input would be appreciated!
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Welcome to the site!

There are pros and cons to adopting a kitten or an adult cat. Although, I think your boyfriend isn't quite realistic about being able to raise a kitten into what you want. They are all such individuals, it's more like they will train you from kittenhood. LOL

I will move this to Behavior, since I think your question lends itself more to a discussion on the behavior of a kitten or adult and how that would fit the best with your lifestyle.
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I'd reccomend an adult cat, (or a young adult, one that's over 1-2 years old). You're right that it would be much easier to find a cat with the personality you want then to mold a kitten into what you want. Kittens are NOT easy to do that with

Go to a shelter and spend some time with the adult cats there, I'm sure you'll bond with one and just have to bring it home!
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If you are worried about the kitten/cat being lonely, you might want to adopt two sibling kittens or cats so they can keep each other company. I've heard that there are many benefits to adopting in pairs anyway!
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If you can't get 2 kittens, I'd recommend getting an older cat. Two kittens will take out their energy on each other, but if there's only one, he will spend all his time chewing on you, jumping on your head while you're asleep, and making messes.
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I believe that a kitten is fun to raise, but speaking that you you are going to be gone a good portion of the day I would suggest getting a cat that is around 10 months to 1 year. I hope that my advise was useful.

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I also recommend getting an older cat for your situation.

We adopted an Older cat, and we live in a small apartment, and he bonded with us right away, and was so happy to actually have a "real" home.
Because he spent most of his life in a cage with little interaction.
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I see you are in Minneapolis. You should come visit me in southern MN. I volunteer at the HS & I can think of several cats here that would do well in an apartment.

I would suggest looking into an adult cat. I would go into a HS or wherever you are going & tell them exactly what you told us. If you still aren't sure, spend time there. I know a couple who couldn't decide on a kitty, so they stayed & helped me clean litter boxes until they saw everyone & made a decision. If you have time, maybe you could volunteer to help out at the HS?

Another thing to think about is if you have to have a declawed cat or not.

There are tons of kitties out there waiting for homes. Go visit them. You will find the right one for you somewhere.
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Thank you so much for all the responses!

I do think that the boyfriend is oversimplifying the situation.

I will definitely go with an young adult cat, and I'll have lots of fun finding him/her.

Then I'll have to post a bunch of pictures, of course.

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I've adopted older adult cats (7+ years old), and they are fabulous. They are incredibly bonded to us, and even though each has a health problem, they are extremely manageable. Senior cats are great pets too!
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Either two kittens or one adult cat - either way is fine. Or two adult cats or older kittens if you are so inclined.

You can never be sure what temperament you will have with a kitten. With an adult you can choose a cat whose personality you prefer.
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