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Grooming long haired cat

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Since we took in a long-haired stray, I am realizing I need to educate myself on grooming long-haired cats!
I have flea combs, misc. dog brushes, etc. but nothing seems appropriate for this new boy.
Can someone recommend good grooming tools? He has gorgeous, very long white hair that is going to get matted if I don't get the proper combs.
Are any brushes used, or just combs?
How do you get your cat to sit still? He thinks I'm playing with him when I groom him!
Thanks in advance.
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I use one of my old soft (rubber-tipped) hairbrushes to brush Seth. She really likes watching water come out of the sink in the bathroom, so I just distract her with that and then brush her back.. she won't let me touch her tummy though!
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Owning a turkish angora and having several friends with longhair cats (persian, maine coons), I watched and learned about grooming them.

First of all a brush will really do little on a long hair. Almost everyone uses combs. Most common is the one that has two different sizes of teeth - a wider spaced, and narrow spaced. Flea combs on a long hair can really only be used on the shortest fur (head or legs).

You can get two combs - the one I described above and a slightly finer spaced for finishing. Start with the widest teeth and groom all over, then to the medium width teeth, then the finer one.

I usually start with the head and neck (ruff) and chest and then work on the back, sides, and tail. The belly I save till last as most hate that section.

You can lay your cat on the side and do one half, then roll over and do the other half. You might have to hold the front feet together and do the belly. Take your time and don't pull too hard. If you find a knot, get a detangler comb so it won't hurt to break apart.

If you groom several times a week, your cat will get used to things and shouldn't get mats. If you find your cat gets them easily, you may have to groom EVERY day.

I'm sure the persian or other longhair breeders can add tips too.

BTW if you ever wash your kitty, be sure to comb completely - if a mat gets wet, you won't get it out!
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My first cat, Sassy, was a long hair. The shelter thought she had some Persian in her because she had a squishy face. She had crazy fluffy fur, and she was horribly taken care of - she came to us all matted and just a mess. We had to use mostly combs with both wide and narrower teeth, as mentioned. She also would not let us comb or brush her belly, which had tons of curly hair on it.

Sometimes we would brush her while she was dozing - since she was still for that. We tried to groom her almost every other day.
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I am new to Persians...I'm still learning about the ways to get them brushed.
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