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Spidey, know that this woman who has touched so many lives in this community is being held up in prayer and good thoughts. I have seen over the years being here, miracles come about thanks to the good folk here coming together in prayer and positive energy. She is a vauled member and much loved by all. I wish you could smuggle a kitten in to snuggle next to her for added comfort- but instead you will have the prayers of all these folk to surround her-

Stay in touch when you can, and take care of yourself as well-
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Oh no Please tell Cathi TSC is pulling for her. I will keep her in my prayers.
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Oh, Spidey

I'm praying hard for her.

Cathi, you mean so much to everyone here - we're all pulling for you!
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I am so sorry to hear this - prayers and healing coming her way!!!
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What MA said, Spidey! We'll just keep bombarding heaven!
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Thanks hissy (ma) and rapunzel47 will try to keep every body updated.
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I am in complete shock. I am so sorry this has happened, and please let her know that my family and the TCS family love her dearly. We will all be praying for her to make a full recovery. Cathi has made a huge impact in my life--we have had our laughs and serious talks, and well...I am just really upset about this. I wish I was closer to help the family--but please know that we are here to pray and to listen and help in anyway we possibly can, please give her lots of hugs from me
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Prayers that Cathi has a full recovery. Also prayers for comfort and peace of mind for Carla and Spidey, and the rest of your family. I am so sorry that you are all going through this, and pray that the doctors will give you good news soon.
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Originally Posted by spideycat
Thanks every body for all your support. Cathi had a massive Heart attack and it took more than 30 minutex to get it restarted we don't know if her brain was damaged yet her heart rate and blood pressure has inproved as well as her breathing, she is breathing on her on most of the time but she is still comatos. Cathi is in for a long and hard recovery. Here hoping that will still have the same sister that I once had. Forgive my spelling it hard to see to type with tears in my eyes.
Oh no! I didn't think we'd hear of such difficulty. Poor Cathi.
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Thank you for the updates, Carla and David. Please know that Cathi and all of your family are being held close to many hearts, and held up in many prayers tonight, and will continue to be as you all work through this.
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Oh dear!! Sending Cathi lots of positive vibes!! Be strong and you will be on your road of recovery soon!

Please send us updates as soon as possible!
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Cathi has been in my thoughts all day. Continuing to send strong healing vibes her way And lots of hugs you all.
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I would like to also send my prayers and wishes to Cathi and her family for a good recovery.
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My thoughts and prayers are with Cathi and all of her loved ones.

Healing vibes coming your way Cathi!
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Prayers and Healing Vibes to Cathi.
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Sending lots of healing vibes her way...
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Carla and David, thank you very much for the updates. I really feel for you. Cathi has been very much on my mind since I read this thread yesterday. Everybody here is pulling for her.
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I have been thinking about Cathi all day I hope and pray there is a bit of good news in the next update we receive.

Cathi- You were there for me back when I was going through my medical problems and I appreciated your friendship so much. I missed you a lot when you were away recently. I missed those silly pm's I used to get from Oscar and Sammycat letting me know how much they loved my Dori
I was so glad to see you return and now we are all once again missing you. I can't wait until your back and I know everyone here, along with the rest of your family feels the same way. You mean so much to all of us so please get better soon.

Maybe we can meet up and go shopping for the sharp, sexy, "not a teenager, but not a grandma" outfit you have had your heart set on
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I hope she gets better soon and my prayers are with you.
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Prayers and vibes going out to Cathi and her family! I hope she's better soon.
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I am still thinking of you all Cathi, Carla and David. Please do tell Cathi that we all love her and are pulling for her. I hope it does help her to come out of her coma, knowing how much she is loved.

I will keep checking here for updates but do take care of yourselves David and Carla.
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Yes, we are all still thinking of her and you two, David and Carla.

Cathi--please get better hun! We are all here for you!! Sammycat & Oscar need their mama
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OH MY OH MY OH MY! I am in total shock right now!!
Christi, Carla, & David, you are all in my thoughts and prayers, along with your furfamily! I'm sure this is tough on everyone!!
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Please tell Cathi that I am praying for her full recovery...and I`m praying for strength for her and the rest of all of you that are family and friends.
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we deeply appreciate the love and support that has been expressed for Cathi and us. David and I have tried our best to keep all informed. This has been hard on the whole family and just going in to the ICU to see her just laying there not responding to anything takes all I can do. I try to keep upbeat you know, Cathi WAKE UP NOW, but no response from her. I just want to shake her and scream CATHI GET UP NOW but I don't I know there are other patients around that are just as bad off as her so I don't. Ken has threatened to bring in Sammycat and let him wake her up like he does at home. You Know the pawpat on the nose and the nip if it doesn't work.

The Dr has said she had a massive heart attack and they worked on her like 30 minutes to get her heart restarted. There was a period of time when she did not get oxygen and they are worried about brain damage. They have her on a ventilator and they have put in a pic line so they want have to keep stabbing her to change the needles for the IV and blood test they do. Today we found out that she has been having seizures and they have been giving her antiseizure medicine to get them to stop. The nurse has said they will do some test to see how much brain function she has. So we are taking things one day at a time, one minute at a time when needed.
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Not to be nosey or anything but how old is Cathi?

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
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If it were me in her shoes - I would want you desperatly to bring my babies in(just one would do!) - smuggle if you have to. Not all medicines can get given in liquid or pill form. if seen this doen a few times, and the joy on the pet owners face lights up - that HAS to be a good think right?
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Originally Posted by STLGRL5
Not to be nosey or anything but how old is Cathi?

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
Cathi is 43 and just had surgery to fix a problem that she has had for years but they had just found out what is was in Nov last year. She was still recovering from that when this happened.
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Your sis will be in my prayers.
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Cathi is in my thoughts and prayers. There are a lot of people praying for her and your family.
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