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I know this has been asked before...but...

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Ok, so today when Leo was going #2, Gracie attacked him. He jumped out of the box, poop still coming out of his behind (sorry to be so graphic!) and VERY upset. He's been using the #1 litterbox just fine. But he has decided that the bathtub is a good new place to do #2. (Funny story: he went in the bathtub and used a little sheet of toilet paper to cover his business)

His feces are totally formed and he is peeing in the box. He had a problem when I went on vacation with licking some of his hair out, but that seems to be getting better so I stopped worrying about it, but I just want to put it out there if there's any chance that it's related. He's herpes positive and he's had intermittent problems with feline acne in the past, but that's basically his entire health history right there.

So, I have him confined to the bathroom with his food, water, bed, some toys, a feliway plugin and of course, a large, uncovered litterbox with his favorite litter until he gets more comfortable with the idea of pooping in the box. What else do I need to do?
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Add more litter boxes far enough away to stop litter pan ambushes
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I'm curious as to how long these two cats have been together?

My new cat Lucy was catching my old cat,Hank, as he was coming out of the litterbox. It wasn't an ambush but a "Hey, who are you and what are you doing?" recon.

Little bit of growling and a bit of a hiss but that was basically it.

Lucy's been on the loose for about 2 weeks.
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They've been together for a little over a month. They had been playing and Leo needed a bathroom break, but Gracie didn't get the message and the last things I saw were her jumping in Leo's general direction and then Leo running, tail a'puffed down the hallway, all messy.

Leo did NOT like being in the bathroom, despite that it is one of his favorite rooms. I added another litterbox this morning, so now I have one in every room except for the bathroom, which I'm going to keep the door closed. I'm also going to let Leo and Gracie sort of cool down and keep them in separate room for this morning, just so that Leo can get the hang of things without Gracie bugging him. Leo is roughly 4.5 years old and Gracie is somehwere in the neighborhood of 18 months to 2 years old. They have similar tempraments and are generally very good together.

Anyway, if he still decides to poop outside the litterbox for the rest of today, then he'll be going to the vet tomorrow morning.

MA, ideally, how should the litterboxes be spaced and placed?
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It's my understanding that however many cats you have, add one more litterbox - if you have 2 cats, then you should have 3 litterboxes.

I too have a new cat. We have had Lucy for 2 months and Hank, the resident cat, for 14 years. Needless to say, Hank is not thrilled with this and has been a recluse (sp) for the last 2 weeks since we have let Lucy free run of the house.

We are using the Feliway but he's so shy about meeting his new housemate. She generally leaves him alone and just wants to see who he is but he wants nothing to do with her at this point.
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