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Lost voice

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For the past 12 hours my 5 year old male cat has suddenly developed a very hoarse voice and has been dry wretching. He is a little sorry for himself and doen't like being fussed as much as usual. Other than this he is OK....no fever...appetite ok but not great......no eye or mouth discharges (tho he salivated a bit much during one retching bout). His breathing seems otherwise normal. One week ago he recovered from an unusual episode of salivating and drooling that lasted much of a day. I would really appreciate any thoughts....I'm worried about him and at the mo' we're snowbound for the weekened from the look of the weather..
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Do you have a regular vet you can call and tell them what you have told us? It sounds like your kitty is sick and should be seen but they may be able to help you over the phone.
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COuld he have swallowed a bone or got something caught in his throat? I agree that he needs a vet check.
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