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Kitten begging

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Hello all. I am new to these boards. We just adopted two kittens (2 and 3 months) last week and already have a bit of a problem. Whenever we eat, they beg. They cry and cry and try to get in our faces from the time we start to the time we finish. It is really annoying and I have no idea how to stop it. We have never fed them from our plates, and we feed them plenty of food. Any suggestions would be great.
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Kittens are like any young animal or baby, they dont have control over what they want, they know they just want it. Make sure first that they are getting enough to eat themselves, and also try separating them into a different room where they can be together while you eat. This behavior will stop when they get older.
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Something that has worked well for me in the past has been to feed the cats right before we sit down to eat our own meals. They are eating their food and we are eating ours, all at the same time. Kittens at that age need a lot of food - how much and what are you feeding them currently?
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