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Members market place, at this ste, I went into that and posted about my 2 great web sites and it never posted, i read the rules etc and I am a Alpha cat, so why am I not entitled to advertise my groups?
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Hi imj,

Good question, and one bound to come up in the future. You can advertise, if you are within the rules...acceptable website..no spam...But, in the general welcome there is a caution that these ads will not instantly appear. They need to be validated first.

There are two of us on the team validating. So please be patient with us as we will get to the ads as soon as possible.
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thanks alot for your input! No spam just my 2 great groups for women! Thanks for having great stuff at the Catsite for us!
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You're welcome. Any other established members reading this- please be patient, the ads will not instantly appear. They will sit in a validation queue for up to 24 hours. Hopefully never longer than that.
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