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raw diet

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I have five dogs all on raw diet, we are planning to add a new kitty in the coming months and I am wondering about kitty raw diet..... do any of you feed raw and if you do can you tell me a little about what you do and what if any books you might recommend.
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I feed oma pride to the dog and one cat.... I am at the beginning of raw feeding but so far no throw up and allergies are much better... Talk to your vet ... I use a formula that is meat and bone ( veggies are needed but the cat wouldnt eat them regularly
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The same books for dogs are good for cats. I have Raw Meaty Bones but haven't read it yet. The only difference is the need of taurine found in abundance in the heart. Otherwise if no hearts are put in I would supplement the taurine. Also feed 90-100% meat, as most cats don't like veggie (my cats are 100% meat).

Wysong Call Of The Wild is a great powder supplement that has a multitude of things including taurine and is specifically forumulated for a raw diet.
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Just in this past month I've succeeded in switching the kitties at last They're on a pre-made frozen raw at the moment, as I don't have the time or confidence in myself to do it all at home. I use a variety called Healthy Paws, but it's only available in southern Ontario.


There's reccomended reading on the website, which lists pretty much every book out there I think! Good luck!!
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