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My beautiful boy Jackson

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I lost my precious Jackson Tuesday morning
between 5-6 a.m. He went outside with his 2
brothers and when I went back out to get them,
Jackson wasn't with them. I went around the
corner of the house and there he laid in the
road dead. I can't even remember being this
sad or feeling so much pain. He was such a
sweet boy. He and his 2 brothers were a matched
set. They all look alike and it is hard seeing
them without their brother. When I came home
yesterday, they were both laying at his grave.
That breaks my heart even more. I feel so many
different things right now. I am angry that he
is gone and so sad that I can't see him or hold
him again. He would look at you with his little
gold eyes with so much love that you just wanted
to kiss him forever. I know that this pain will
start to subside, but there is also a part of me
that doesn't want it too. Once I start feeling
better, than he will start to slip away from my
mind as often and I don't want that to happen.
I haven't felt this helpless in a long time and
I hurt physically I miss him so much. It is good
to know that othre people feel this way though
because I was thinking that I was a little crazy
for feeling so strongly. Everyone isn't quite as
understanding about this sort of thing as the people
here seem to be. God Bless you all.
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I'm so sorry. I wish I could say something to make you feel better, but there is nothing but time. Time will dull the pain. I'm just so sorry. Jackson is happy, though, playing with all the other kiddens and pups at the bridge, so don't you worry. Keep in touch and write often if you have to, it helped me!
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You are not crazy to feel the way you do about Jackson. He was a lucky cat to have someone that loved him as much as you do. I will say a prayer for him .

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I am so sorry about Jackson.
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i am sorry about your baby. i know it's hard. it does get better with time. it's been 3 weeks sice i lost sox. i think about him every day. some times i get that deep aching heart feeling sick feeling out of no where. and i try and get busy thinking about something else. but i promise you, it gets better. take care of the babies you still got. hold them even closer. it helps. have you been to pet loss and grief support? do a search. (in memory of pets) you can put a tribute to your baby and light a candle for him. there are hundreds of tributes there. i did this for sox. hugs to you. let us know how your doing.:angel4: :angel4: :angel4: :angel4: :angel4:

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Thank you all for your kind words. This is day
7 and I cried first thing this morning. I have
had a couple of good days, but it doesn't take
much to get me thinking about him. It is so nice
to have somewhere to go where I can really express
my feelings. My husband loved him too, but he isn't
one to show his feelings very much. I am spending
alot of time with my other two, and that does help
some, but they aren't lap cats like Jackson was. He
just loved to be in your lap and right in your face.
Dante and Tiger are a little more reserved. But I do
love them just the same. It does seem weird not to
have the three of them together anymore though.
Anyway, I am feeling some better. I have my good
and bad days, but I know that it will get easier.
All of you have been a blessing..
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Candy - I hope that time is healing your heart......
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I'm so sorry to hear about Jackson. I know just how you feel. Don't worry about him slipping your mind or that you wont think of him as often as you do right now. You will!!! You will feel alot better but he will never be far from your mind. I lost my cat 4 years ago and I still think about him everyday. My heart goes out to you!

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Thank you Debra and LeeAnne for your kind words. I actually
am feeling alot better. Tuesday was 2 weeks, and I thought
about it alot that day, but I haven't cried alot lately.
Mostly just feeling sad from time to time. I can be driving
down the road and listening to a really good song and feeling
happy and then Jackson comes to mind and I feel sad all over
again. I miss him so much. Time is definitely healing. Again,
thank you for your kindness. I am so glad to know I am not
alone with the way that I feel. Take care..
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I am so sorry about Jackson. When I lost my boy this past July I could not even breathe I know just how you feel. It is the worst pain ever and most people just don't understand. I too was afraid that the pain would subside and I would start to feel Norton slip away. But I can tell you that after 10 months, I think about Norty every single day and I shed a few tears just yesterday on my way home from work thinking about him. The pain is not as deep, but I never have Norty far from my mind and I'm glad of it. It breaks my heart to know your pain. I'm glad you are feeling a little better. Maybe you could find a nice picture of Jackson and put it in a frame where you will see it every day and maybe even smile. He is playing up in heaven and some day he will be in your lap again. Peace.
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