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Actually, that is not entirely true.

I use a low-fat margarine that is non-hydrogenated and has no trans-fat.

It is a "margarine" spread, and consists mostly of water.
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Originally Posted by Mom2SalemIsis
(i also smoked my LAST cig last night.. i have done it before i can do it again!!!!!!)

Don't mean to Hijack this thread....But good luck w/ that......

John and I are quitting very soon........

Ok back to the plastic....
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This really is interesting! Thank you for this information!
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Originally Posted by yasmine

Most baking recipes call for Margarine...so keep that in mind also!
Just substitute the same amount of butter for the margarine. If I'm baking I prefer to use butter anyway. I often make Scottish Shortbread and you have to use butter for that. Margarine wouldn't work.

I don't know what brands of margarine you have in the USA but over here in the UK we have one called Flora that boasts that it "promotes a healthy heart" as it's high in Omega 3 oils. When my husband had a heart attack 2 years ago, he was told never to eat butter again and to use this Flora. He was also told the most cheese he should eat is one thin slice a week Now it seems that advice is going out of the window as now the med profession are saying eat more cheese and dairy products as it protects the heart I think if we followed all the so-called dietary advice we'd all die of starvation
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I can't remember the last time I ate margarine. I've bought and used nothing but butter for at least 15-20 years. What changed my mind was when I was on some diet or other and noticed that (at least for the brands I was using) butter was actually a calorie or two lower than margarine. Why on earth was I using margarine when it didn't taste anywhere near as good ? Land O' Lakes butter for us !

When buttering toast, slice a couple of pats and put them on one piece of warm toast then put another piece on top. The butter softens up within a few moments to make it more spreadable. Also you can just pop a few pats into the microwave for a few seconds, although this takes some experimentation with time and power settings to get it just right, soft without being liquified.
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I eat organic, so margarine is not a part of my diet! My mother tho, was big into margarine because it was so much cheaper than butter. So, we grew up on margarine. The age of information has now given us the info we need to make informed decisions.
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